Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mom & Dad's Mission Call

Mom & Dad got their official mission call today in the mail. We knew it was coming, b/c they actually had their 2017 medical mission set up before the mission they just got back from. But now it's official. Such a bittersweet picture. They will be the area medical adviser & assistant in the Africa Southeast Area. They report to the MTC in April. We are so happy & proud of them but sad for us!
Autumn & I hurried home b/c they young women were coming over. We didn't have an official activity this week due to the Christmas break. But, I decided to host an optional movie night at my house for those that wanted to still get together. We had to get a picture of Autumn & Kaitlyn since they both have Herbst's.

Usually during our movie nights we don't watch much of the movie. The girls just love being together and getting to talk and have fun. But they were CRAZY tonight!!! One girl got a bloody nose b/c they were wrestling. Then they spilled popcorn all over the floor and we had to vacuum at the end of the movie. Then they spilled a cup of water on the carpet 3 different times. It's a good thing I love them so much!!!

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