Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sleepy Sunday

 Based on this picture, you can tell we had a busy week! Autumn & I were at church for 5 hours today! We had the normal 3 hour block of meetings. Then after church we had a big BYC where all the class presidencies met together to plan out our schedule for 2017. It's frustrating b/c we ask them what they want to do and they just stare at us w/ blank faces. But then they don't like the activities that are planned. I kept telling them that this is their chance to speak up and make sure we're doing things they want to do. This isn't the leader's program. It's the YOUTH's program.

We got done at 3:00, and Autumn & I had tithing settlement at 4:00. I didn't want to drive home just to turn around and come back in 20 minutes so we decided to wait. We were hoping maybe someone wouldn't show and we'd be able to sneak into their time slot. But, Bishop was running behind so we didn't get to meet w/ him until 4:30!

As soon as we were done, we went over to Mom & Dad's house. The Bergs are here visiting on their way back up to UT, and they had done a shrimp boil for dinner. We ate the leftovers and then spent the rest of the evening watching football, taking naps. and spending time together. Nate got off of work and came over too. This pic of him & Spencer hanging out together is so cute!

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