Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

 For some reason they changed the time for Activity Days from 4:30 to 4:00. UGH! That meant that I couldn't take Autumn, b/c I can't leave work that early. So, one of the other Moms is going to pick Autumn up at daycare and drop her off when she takes her girls. Then I get to pick them up b/c I'm off by then. Today they talked about how to have healthy bodies. I'm in denial that this is Autumn's last week w/ the young group. By the next time they have Activity Days she'll be 10 and will go to the older girl's group!!!

 We came home and had dinner, and Abbey's Mom stopped by to pick up Autumn's Barbie house. Autumn said she's outgrown it (she got it for Christmas 2012) and wanted it to go to Abbey since she knows Abbey will take good care of it. I'm trying hard not to be all emotional that by Baby Girl is growing up so fast!!!

For YW tonight we were combined, and the Laurels were in charge. I had texted the Laurel class presidency last week asking them what they wanted to do, but never heard back from any of them. So, I decided it would be fun to play some "getting to know you" games. I told them to come prepared w/ some games. They didn't have any getting to know you games, but they brought cards, Uno, and Apples To Apples. I am NOT going to run the activities for them. That's actually really hard for me to let go of the reins and let them be in charge. But, it's the only way they'll learn and grow. It ended up turning out OK, but I don't feel like I got to know anyone better than I already knew them.

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