Tuesday, January 10, 2017

MiFit & A Trampoline

For Christmas, Autumn had asked for a Fitbit. But, I refuse to spend over $100 on a fitness tracking device. Karri had told me that they bought a MiFit, and it was only $20 on Amazon. So, I bought one for Autumn & one for myself for Christmas. I tried setting up the app on my phone, but it said I had already created an account when I hadn't. UGH!

Autumn kept asking when we could get them set up and start using them, so I finally got online and figured it out. I got mine set up, and then we had to borrow Mimi's old phone to set up Autumn's. You download an app and it tracks how many steps you take a day, and lets you know if you reached your goal. My favorite feature is that it tells how how many hours of sleep you got, and if it was deep sleep or light sleep!

It's already been WAY worth the $20 it cost. Autumn & I have been making sure we get enough steps in to reach our goals each day. Mine is set at 5,000 (which is not very many at all) and hers is set at 8,000. I also got this mini sized trampoline at WalMart for $24. If we haven't reached our goal when we get home in the evening, we jump on the trampoline to reach our goals. As you can see, the trampoline is not just useful for exercise ... it's also useful to hold a Pocahontas barbie doll while Autumn braids her hair. LOL! I'm glad we're making small changes that help us to be more active.

Liz came over tonight from about 8:30 - 10:30. We haven't seen each other in such a long time, and we needed to catch up. I am kicking myself that we didn't get a picture together. I love her so much and am so thankful for her friendship. It's such a rare & precious thing to find someone that you can be your true self with and have no fear of judgement.

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