Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spiritual & Service Sabbath

Today was a little bit crazy, but also really good! I went visiting teaching this morning at 11:00, and Autumn stayed at my VT partner's house to play w/ her daughter while we went visiting. Then I picked Autumn up and we RUSHED home and threw all this food into some laundry baskets and hurried over to the church. Today was our ward conference and the Stake had back to back ward conferences. So, I told them I would provide them lunch since they wouldn't have a chance to eat otherwise. It made us soooooooooooooooo HAPPY to get to serve the Stake leaders. They do so much for us and this was just a teeny tiny way to show our appreciation.

After church, we had a meeting w/ the Stake YW Presidency. It went really well and I'm thankful for them and their insights and the Spirit that they brought with them. Christy (one of my Laurels) was an angel and took Autumn home for me and stayed for dinner. It was a spiritual & service oriented Sunday.

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Jen T said...

That is so nice of you to feed them. We had our ward conference Sunday also and our stake leaders drive over 2 hours to get here, so we always make them sack lunches. I know they greatly appreciate it. It is a long day for them. Service not only blessed the people we serve but us too! Win-win all around! Hope you have a great week!