Saturday, May 23, 2020

More Downtown Discoveries

When I added my pictures, they all loaded in the wrong order. But I am not about to go back and try to reload them so it is what it is.

Autumn went with us on our Downtown Discovery today, and we're so glad she did. We got a lot of great shots and found some great stuff, like this adorable gazebo.

Autumn came up with this artistic shot all by herself and just told me where to stand to take the picture.

We had to get a picture next to this cool cutout of Gussie Nell Davis.

Beautiful girl against some awesome exposed brick

"Do Not Molest" Gas Meter cover from at least 1923!

Patriotic sisters

Cool cotton mural wall

These brick arched windows were super cool. Alisa loved climbing up in them.

So proud of herself for sitting down on the dirty ground even though I kept telling her it was yucky. LOL! She can be a defiant little stinker sometimes.

Strike a pose!

Cool wall mural

Keeping it real here ... this is how a lot of our shots are. Alisa was done and just wanted to sit down. Autumn was annoyed that we were taking so long.

But we power through the terrible two tantrums and teenage eye-rolls to get awesome shots like this one.

Horray for music!

I LOVE this patriotic cupcake dress w/ her cowgirl boots.

Her "smelling a flower" face.

Pretty girl in a pretty garden with pretty flowers

Autumn was DONE. Alisa was DONE. It was getting hot, so we left and went to Sonic for a half-priced drink and to get some lunch.

Meanwhile, Frank was in Oklahoma for the weekend to go fishing w/ his nephew.

They both caught some big fish and had a great time being out in nature together and catching up on life.

Hanging out in the shade at Grannymom & Grampsy's.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Happy High School Graduation, Spencer

I got up early this morning and decorated the house before anyone else was up. It's a BIG day because Spencer is graduating from High School!

We had a nice breakfast before taking off to the stadium. I hope the decorations made him feel special & important.

Spencer's Mom & Step-Dad even drove down to be there. Each student was only allowed to have 5 people come in with them. So it was me, Frank, Liz, Kal, & Grant.

 The school did great about keeping everyone socially distanced. There were signs set up every 10 feet, and you had to have a ticket with a specific time to get in. We made our way down onto the field, Frank got to hand him his diploma, and then we left. Once we actually got down on the field, it took all of about 2 minutes. 

I prefer this type of graduation instead of sitting there for FIVE hours! Plus, Frank would have never gotten to give Spencer his diploma if it was a normal high school graduation. We came home, changed, and then Liz & Kal took all the boys out to lunch. Then Spencer & Julian left w/ them to go back to Oklahoma for a while.

We're super proud of Spencer, b/c this was not easy for him. He had to work really hard to adjust to life in our big high school from the small one he came from in Oklahoma. We are excited to see what his future holds. GO SPENCER!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dude Perfect

I got to go back to the endodontist today to have the root canal finished up. This is going to cost a pretty penny but I'm so thankful not to be in pain anymore.

Alisa was being cute riding her horsey.

She even hopped off to give her horsey some hugs and kisses.

Frank & the boys had to pick up a desk for Grant & they happened to drive past the offices for Dude Perfect (I've never heard of them, but I guess they're YouTube stars). The boys had to stop and get a picture.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Spencer's Graduation Dinner

For Spencer's special graduation dinner, we went to one of our favorite BBQ places. The boys had never been there before, so they were super excited to try it.

Mr. Jim, the owner, brought out chocolate cookies straight from the oven. We all thought we had died and gone to heaven!

It's crazy to think that the picture on the left was taken almost one year ago (June 29th). She has grown and changed so much!

After dinner, I made Spencer let me take a few pictures around town. We told him that we had the water in the fountain turned blue just for him since his school colors are red, white, and blue. LOL!

 I LOVE this huge American flag mural on the side of a building. We are getting the most use out of his graduation cap that we can!

This is the nice "before" picture.

Then this is the "after" picture where she wanted to get down and run wild and free. We're trying to squash her "brat attacks" as soon as she starts throwing a tantrum, so Frank went and put her in the car right after this.

We are so stinkin' proud of Spencer and it was nice to go out together and celebrate his accomplishments.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Relaxing & Sleeping

Alisa pretending to be asleep w/ her teddy bear

There was a horrible accident on the other side of the freeway tonight on my way home. The freeway was shut down in both directions. Luckily I was able to get off at an exit and still get home on time. My heart always goes out to those involved in any vehicular accidents.

Autumn blew a huge bubble w/ her bubble gum and it popped all over her glasses!

This is the way to watch TV ... sprawled out on the trampoline without a care in the world.

Marissa posted this sweet picture of our grandbabies asleep. They're so precious!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Flowers & Bubbles & Snuggles

These lilies that Frank put in the planter box on our front porch are in full bloom and are so gorgeous!

Alisa had fun swimming in her red neck hot tub this afternoon. We're hoping the neighborhood pool will open soon so she can swim in a real pool.

When I got home this evening we played outside and did bubbles for a while (you can see one right under her chin).

Daddy's girls getting lots of snuggles.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Senior Drive By Celebration

This evening a bunch of people from our ward (church congregation) met up at a local elementary school to do a Senior Drive By. We drove past all the houses of the Seniors in our ward that are graduating to wave and honk and congratulate the graduates. Alisa & I cut out early so we could get home in time to watch everyone drive past our house.

While we were waiting, several neighbors saw Spencer outside in his graduation cap & gown and stopped to say congratulations. A lady even offered to take our family picture for us w/ my phone.

A bunch of the cars were decorated and kids were hanging out the windows w/ signs and balloons. A few cars even threw him some candy leis. He said he felt so special. I'm beyond thankful for great leaders that put this all together to make it a special occasion in this crazy time of COVID lockdown to still make our Seniors feel important.

Alisa's face that says, "I'm pleased with myself," or "I'm cute and I know it."

I guess our excursions today wore her out b/c she sprawled out on the floor like this to watch cartoons.

The boys had plenty of energy and even got out the boxing gloves to have a pretend fight.

Alisa wore Daddy out and they snuggled together in the chair to watch some TV (although I'm pretty sure Frank fell asleep).