Sunday, September 27, 2009

Simple Sunday

IMG_1557 This morning I woke up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast…YUMMY.

IMG_1558 We got ready and went to church. It was fast Sunday, so a lot of people got up and bore their testimonies. I love that no matter where I go to church, it is the same everywhere and I can always feel the Spirit. When we got home I wanted to get pictures b/c everyone looked so nice in their church clothes.

IMG_1559 The Lovely Ladies

IMG_1561 The Thrilling Threesome

IMG_1564 We had some lunch and then just watched TV and I took a little cat nap. Krystina got home from a meeting she had to go to and we watched another episode of Dexter. We were watching TV when all of a sudden Autumn showed up in the doorway wearing Krystina’s high heels. She did a really good job walking around in them w/out falling. She’s such a little diva, and her hair is such a mess b/c 5 minutes before this she had a melt down and pulled out the elastic I had her hair in.

It was sad to leave, b/c we had such a wonderful weekend, but we had to get back to unpack and get ready for the week ahead. I am so thankful to have been around Tara’s family and loved ones. It was a great way to remember her.

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