Monday, October 12, 2009


Tonight was Family, Home & Personal Enrichment (FHPE) meeting.  I don’t like calling it that b/c it’s a mouthful, so I just call it the old school Homemaking.  I can’t remember the last time I went to homemaking, but they had child care provided tonight so I could take Autumn.  We had a professional chocolatier (is that a word?) come and teach us how to make truffles.  He owns Sublime Chocolate.  After that, we all got to sample a few and they were super yummy.

Next we had 3 mini classes on how to be better at spending quality time w/ husbands (not so applicable to me right now), how to make time to spend time w/ girl friends, and how to keep an organized house.  All of the ideas that were shared were really good.

IMG_1659 After that we went into the cultural hall and made these little pumpkin things for Halloween/Thanksgiving.  I put on two coats of paint, so mine weren’t dry in time to finish them.  I just need to add some raffia and little bows around the stems and sand the edges a little bit.  They were simple to make, but are so cute.

IMG_1656Autumn loved being in the nursery for the free child care provided, b/c Karri’s daughter was in there and Autumn LOVES her.  They brought her to me b/c Autumn had a stinky diaper.  Autumn discovered the cookies and treats and there was no sending her back to be babysat.  I am so thankful for such great friends like Karri that love Autumn and are so good to both her and I.  We usually sit in front of Decker’s at church and Autumn just loves being around Karri and her family.  It was a great evening and I’m glad I went.

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kcwatson said...

Hey...the name is a mouthful...and they changed it now to just Relief Society activities..or some generic name like that! I'm so glad they changed it because I never could get use to such a LONG name!