Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spooky Sunday

IMG_1650 This morning we got up and had some breakfast (we spent the night at Mom & Dad’s last night b/c Autumn went to bed at 6:30 and I didn’t want to wake her up to take her home and have her be wide awake all night).  Autumn is OBSESSED w/ lotion (probably b/c I have to slather it on her to help w/ the eczema).  I always put a little dollop in the palm of each of her hand's.  That’s what she’s so excited about in this picture.  After breakfast we came home to get ready for church.

IMG_1651 Autumn was really good at church today.  Sis. Mannewitz (Mary’s mom) came and sat w/ us and Autumn warmed right up to her.  At one point Autumn went over and put a hand on either side of Sis. Mannewitz’s face and said, “I gnaw happy chew.”  Which if you translate it means, “I’m not happy with you.”  I think she hears that from the teachers at school when they are trying to get the kids to listen or if the kids are being naughty.  It made me laugh so hard, b/c Autumn kept doing it over and over.

We got home from church and went to check the mail since I haven’t checked it in about a week.  The neighbors had some Halloween decorations out in the yard and Autumn was so excited.  This is a picture of her waving hi to the decorations.  I wish I found so much joy in such simple things.

IMG_1652 Here she is ever so cautiously touching the scary pirate skeleton head.  She barely touched it, really fast, and then ran away and was so proud of her self.  She cracks me up.

IMG_1653 She then proceeded up the walkway where she stopped to touch each little decoration on the sides of the steps.  She also had to go touch each of the little headstones in the flowerbeds.  She can be so stinkin’ adorable sometimes!  It was a very nice and relaxing Sunday of just spending time together.

IMG_1655 Courtney is heading back to Cali really early tomorrow morning, so she came over w/ Nate to say goodbye.  We are going to miss her, especially Autumn.  It was a lot of fun having Courtney here.

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