Friday, October 23, 2009

Go, Go, Go

Today was pretty jam packed for having the day off.  Autumn didn’t know I had the day off and that she was supposed to sleep in, so she still got up at the usual early time of 7:00.  I got her ready for the day and took her to daycare.  I have to pay whether she’s there or not, and I never get a day off w/out her around, so I still took her to daycare…don’t judge. :)

IMG_1828I came home and Rufio and I had some breakfast and talked and then got cleaned up for the day.  We went over to Mom & Dad’s to say hi and look up some movie times.  But, nothing really good was showing.  So, we drove over to JC Penny’s b/c Rufio wanted to redo my bathroom for my birthday present.  We got these red floor mats, which look awesome.  Then we went to Lane Bryant so I could get a few things.  After that we went to WalMart to get a few groceries and some new white towels w/ black trim for my awesome bathroom makeover (Rufio wanted to get them at JC Penny but I said no way b/c they were way too expensive there).

After that we went over to Mom’s house to say hi to Maggie (she was over there sewing).  Mom needed to go to Costco, so Rufio and I went w/ her b/c I needed to get some more fruit snacks and Fiber One bars and canned chicken.  Mom got Autumn a new Christmas dress, and it is GORGEOUS!!!

IMG_1811 We stopped and picked up Autumn early from daycare.  She was so excited to show us what she had made at daycare during the week.  She even got Rufio to put on the crown she made, which is no small feat since NO ONE or NOTHING is allowed to touch Rufio’s hair.  Autumn & Rufio make quite a pair and it is so fun to sit back and watch the two of them interact w/ each other.  Rufio was even kind enough to do her first babysitting job in over 10 years while I went to meet w/ a dear friend.

IMG_1812 I met up w/ Sis. Reichert at Cheddar’s.  Sis. Reichert was my Young Woman’s leader back when we lived in central Texas.  She had such a HUGE impact on my life at a time when I was just discovering who I was and what I wanted to become.  I love her so incredibly much and am thankful that we have kept in touch over these past 15 years.  She has been through a lot in her life lately and it was nice to talk to each other about our hardships and trials.  She has so much strength and I still look up to her (even though I’m taller than her).  I don’t think she’ll ever know the amazing difference she made in my life back then and even still today.


IMG_1814 I got home and went to find Autumn.  She was in her room sitting on her bench reading a book w/ her legs crossed.  I was laughing so hard, b/c I’ve never seen her do that before.  And look at that expression on her face in the picture on the right…she’s such a character.  I noticed that she had also changed out of the pants I had put on her and redressed herself in these flower pants!  She’s growing up so fast and becoming so independent.

IMG_1816 We went over to Mom & Dad’s and Autumn decided to explore a career in dentistry (maybe it’s b/c all of Aunt Lexie’s studying to become a dental hygienist).  Actually, it’s b/c she wanted to use this reading light that Rufio gave her (the light came w/ Rufio’s Snuggie).  Autumn kept making Mom open her mouth so she could shine the light in there and look at her teeth.

IMG_1820 Mom & Rufio watched Autumn for me while I went to Pappacita’s w/ a friend.  When I got back, Curt was over at the house and he loves to tease Rufio and tells her all the time that if Mary ever dies he is going to marry her!  When he went to leave, he grabbed her and dipped her and kissed her (on the cheek).  When he stood her back up, she was so overcome that she fell into her chair.  He must be an amazing kisser to make Rufio swoon.


IMG_1822 Lexie & Jon & Andrew drove up from Austin to be here to celebrate my birthday.  Jon went out to get their stuff out of the car and we were laughing so hard b/c all the stuff in the left picture is Lexie’s.  All of Jon AND Andrew’s stuff is in one backpack (the picture on the right).

IMG_1823 We were getting ready to say family prayer when Andrew hopped up on Jon like a little monkey on his back.  Nate said the prayer and while he was saying it, Andrew was over on the side saying his own little prayer.  It was so cute.  Today was jam packed w/ so many fun things…I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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