Thursday, October 1, 2009

Natural Beauty

IMG_1572 We’ve had a few weeks of rainy weather lately. Today was no exception. However, today there was this gorgeous rainbow that went all the way across the sky. I haven’t seen a rainbow in a while, so it was a neat treat. If you look really closely, you can see the faint double rainbow, too!

IMG_1573 I also love how dark the sky was against the bright colors of the rainbow (this picture doesn’t do it justice at all as to how bright the rainbow was). I love it when the sky is cloudy and there are different shades of blue. So pretty!

IMG_1578 This red daisy is still out in the flowerbed amongst all the shrubs by itself. It had droplets of water on it still from the rain, and I thought it was so artistic and appealing.

IMG_1582 I think today was the first time Autumn saw a rainbow and knew what it was. She was so excited and just kept pointing at it and jumping up and down. She also liked this yellow flowers and kept wanting to smell them even though they are taller than she is.

IMG_1584 I love the orange tiger spots. Nature never ceases to amaze me w/ how beautiful it is.

Tonight I was so bad and watched a lot of TV. I watched Survivor: Samoa, Grey’s Anatomy, and then Project Runway. I’m a total TV junkie. I’m just glad they all came on at different times b/c I don’t have DVR or Tivo. I’m addicted and think I might need to get some professional help. LOL! Just kidding…but I do like my shows.

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