Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Weekend, Saturday

IMG_1596 We got up this morning and after getting cleaned up, we went over to Mom & Dad’s house to watch conference. Curt came over and brought one of the new baby puppies for us to love on. Emma wasn’t too sure what to think at first.

IMG_1595 Autumn LOVED the puppy (even though she isn’t smiling in this picture) and kept touching it's nose and petting it. The puppy just slept on my chest for the first half of conference. It was so sweet and just nuzzled up next to my neck and was so soft and cuddly.

After the first session, we went to Chipotle to get some lunch. Dad was at the clinic, so we went and dropped some off for him. Too bad he couldn’t eat w/ us, but they were just too busy. So after dropping off his food, we walked back over to Chipotle and sat outside to eat our food. It was BEAUTIFUL weather outside today. Then we stopped by WalMart really quick to get a few groceries for our lunch we’re going to have w/ Monzingo’s tomorrow between conference sessions.

IMG_1599 This is the blanket that Mom sewed last conference that we all sat and picked the paper piecing off the back. She let Nate quit it w/ her big machine, and he actually did a pretty good job. Autumn loved laying on the quilt and finding different things in the fabrics like baseballs, lizards, snowmen, etc.

IMG_1600 At one point she got so excited about it that she would jump up (look at her ponytail up in the air) and then would fall on her bummy on the blanket. She would come over and pretend like she had hurt her hand and have me kiss it. Then she would go back and jump and fall again and come over and pretend like she had hurt her head and would have me kiss it. She did this about 15 times! What a ham.

IMG_1602 Nate finally got home kind of late last night after going to the preliminary testing to be a police officer. He said he passed the written test and the physical test, so now he has to fill out some paperwork and take it back in and then they’ll call him in for an interview. He really wants this, so everyone keep him in your prayers.

Conference was REALLY good today, and I’m proud of myself that I stayed awake for ALL of the talks (I usually fall asleep half way through the afternoon session b/c my tummy is full and their voices are so soothing it’s hard to stay awake.) The very first talk by Elder Scott about learning to be guided by the promptings of the Spirit was meant just for me it seemed like. My favorite talk from the second session was the one by Elder Oaks about Love & the Law. So timely and applicable to our day and age. I am excited for what President Monson has to say tomorrow!


Charlotta-love said...

Elder Scott's was one of my favorites as well. I loved every single talk it seemed. :o)

Bojana said...

Kako dobra odeja! I can't wait to get a chance to read/listen/watch all of the talks. I really enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk on love, testimony and consistency in our family lives.