Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Out Of The Ordinary

IMG_1603 Yesterday at work we got in and the ceiling in the girl’s bathroom was soaked. We called a plumber and the problem only got worse. We heard water gushing and went in there to find out the hot water heater was leaking everywhere. The water even leaked under the wall and out into the work area under the carpet! Luckily the plumber got it fixed and all was well. We left a fan on the carpet to help dry it out.

IMG_1604 Today on my lunch break I was driving to the store and this view made me stop and my breath caught in my chest. I don’t know why, but it reminded me of Utah. I was thinking that behind those clouds would be the mountains. It seriously almost made me cry. I miss the mountains so much, and on more than one occasion in the past week I’ve said, "I wish we could go for a drive up in the canyons to see the leaves change.” So, for all of those you in Utah, please enjoy the mountains double for me!

IMG_1605 As I was walking into the store, this lady was in front of me. Bless her little heart, but she was wearing a mumu and slip on slippers, which was odd since it had been raining all day. Oh, well…to each their own, I guess!

The weather today has been AHHHH-MAZING! I went for a walk tonight after watching the Biggest Loser (I can’t stand the purple team lady by the way). It was so nice and cold out (good fall weather) and a storm was coming in so the sky kept lighting up and it was just beautiful. This is the type of weather where you sleep w/the windows open and curl up under a blanket.


gina said...

oh my gosh...I'm laughing so hard at the picture of the lady at Walmart. You are too funny!

West said...

Ok, a few things - gross on the girls bathroom! Pretty clouds. Do Idaho mountains counts? Because I'll enjoy those for you :) And OH MY GOSH! I hate that purple lady too. ooooooo, I was yelling at the TV (really, I was yelling at her) the whole time they were weighing in! That little slut!