Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

IMG_1610 This morning we got into work and one of the technician’s had left us a veggie tray AND a fruit tray w/ a nice note!  I know those trays aren’t cheap, and we appreciated it so much and snacked on the veggies & fruit all day.  THANK YOU, ALEX!!!

IMG_1611 Tonight Autumn & I went over to Mom & Dad’s after work/school.  Courtney brought her American Girl Doll to give to Autumn & as you can tell from this picture Autumn was literally jumping for joy!  You would have thought it was Christmas Day.

IMG_1613 Courtney was so cute w/ Autumn & spent the rest of the evening helping her change the clothes on the doll and brush her hair.  We tried getting Autumn to call the doll Pocahontas b/c it’s an American Indian doll.  But, Autumn kept saying, "NO!  Ooooh-lahn.”  (Which translated is Mulan).  Mulan is her new favorite movie that she watches over and over and over.  I’ve tried getting her to watch Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty, but she doesn’t like those movies.  I find it fascinating that already she relates w/ the Princesses that look like her…dark skin, dark hair, independent & strong.

IMG_1614 She did NOT want to leave Mom & Dad’s when it was time to go.  Curt had come over to meet Courtney, so Autumn put on her shoes and jacket to go over to Curt’s instead of to go to our house.  So, Curt took her over to his house and I drove over in my car.  We went in and said hi to everyone for a few minutes and then I tried getting her to leave so she could go home and go to bed.  However, she REFUSED to leave and kept wanting to stay.  So, we stayed for another 30 minutes.  Autumn kept walking Curt all around his house showing him stuff.  It was funny.  I finally got her to leave by telling her we were going to go outside to see the cats (which was true) but then I had to fib to get her in the car by telling her we were going to Papa’s house.  She was NOT happy when we didn’t turn into Papa’s subdivision.  She threw her ziplock baggie full of cereal that Mary had given her.  I just ignored it and she calmed down pretty quick.  Then when we got home I had her pick up the cereal.

She is so spoiled rotten b/c she is loved and adored and fussed over by so many adults.  She’s just so cute that we can’t help but spoil her.  I am so thankful she is mine.

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