Friday, October 9, 2009

Pampered Princess

IMG_1633 Tonight after work/school we went over to Mom & Dad’s so Autumn could see Courtney.  Autumn loves being around Courtney b/c Courtney gave her a doll and Dora socks and is just so cute w/ Autumn.  Like tonight when we got over there, Courtney painted her fingernails and put some light makeup on her and just pampered her.

IMG_1636 What’s great is that w/ Courtney around, Autumn seems to like Nate a little more.  Usually Autumn says, “No, Uncle Nate” ALL THE TIME!  But I haven’t heard that phrase from Autumn at all since Courtney’s been here.


IMG_1638Another reason Autumn loves Courtney so much is that Autumn was allowed to wear her shoes.  These awesome red shoes have a 5 inch heel, so Autumn needed a little help walking in them.  Look at that expression on her face…”Yes, I KNOW I’m a diva!”

IMG_1641 But Autumn wasn’t spoiled by just Courtney…she also got spoiled by Papa.  He brought her home a treat from the clinic and then they played Chase, where they run around the kitchen and living room.  Then Autumn got to go for a horsey back ride around the living room.  This little pampered princess is so loved by so many people.

I had rented My Life In Ruins (it’s got the same actress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) for us to watch tonight.  It was a cute movie, but not one I would buy.  Mom had made a pot of soup and it was such a nice evening to be with family and enjoy a good movie w/ good food and good company.  Life is good and I am trying to really notice and enjoy all the little things that make it so good.

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