Saturday, October 10, 2009


IMG_1642 This morning Autumn got up at her usual early time of 7:30. I put on Mulan for her and got her some cereal and then went back to lay in my bed. While I was laying there, I had this HORRIBLE pain start in my lower abdomen. I tried to ignore it, but it got worse and I started breaking out in a sweat as if I were sitting in a sauna. The pain intensified, so I called Dad to see which side the appendix is on. Luckily the appendix is on the right and my pains were on the left. Based on what I told him about the pains, he told me it was probably an ovarian cyst that had burst. WHAT!?!? How do you even get ovarian cysts and why did I have one? All I know is I was in excruciating pain and it reminded me of when I had my gall bladder problems. I just went and laid on the couch so I could keep an eye on Autumn and spent the next 4 hours not moving b/c it hurt if I sat up or if I walked. Autumn was very concerned about my “hurt tummy” and pretended to call the doctor for me.

IMG_1643Once the pain was a little more tolerable, I threw on some jammies and we went over to Mom & Dad’s house so Mom could help me watch Autumn. Autumn had a blast and this picture made me laugh b/c it looks like she’s wearing a life preserver (it’s one of those pillows you wear around your neck when you fly) while riding a horse. And she refused to put on pants, so she’s just wearing a shirt, diaper and Dora socks. What a kid.

IMG_1645 We had Chinese food for lunch and then when Papa got home from the clinic, Autumn wanted to go outside. Since she didn’t have any pants, he wrapped her in a blanket (it was cold today in the low 50’s) and took her outside. I love this picture of them. Look at that big old grin on her face.

IMG_1648 They mowed the back yard and spent a good 2 hours outside. It was so nice, b/c I was able to take a nap and get some much needed sleep.


IMG_1647 Someone had come and left this beautiful pot of mums outside the back door. We later found out it was Christine as a way to say thanks to Dad for looking at one of her kids that was sick. They were BEAUTIFUL!!!

IMG_1649 We spent the majority of the day watching football. The U of U won and so did BYU. We worked on this puzzle to pass the time and finally finished around midnight. Autumn hadn’t taken a nap all day and finally fell asleep around 6:30 and ended up sleeping the whole night, so we just stayed at Mom & Dad’s b/c I didn’t want to wake her up. By the end of today I was feeling much better than this morning and just had some weird pressure in my lower abdomen. Luckily I have an OBGYN appointment in the next few weeks, and I am so thankful for Mom & Dad helping me watch Autumn while I wasn’t feeling very well.


Mom Muk said...
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Mom Muk said...

Foo Foo take good care of yourself! Pain is not fun...I know. Love you tons, Debbie

Meghan said...

Ugh - I've heard ovarian cysts hurt!! The only thing I know that helps prevent them is staying hydrated, so make sure to drink water :)
By the way, I usually buy Light Blue on ebay for pretty cheap...about $20. I never do the whole bidding thing, I just do the Buy It Now, but you can probably get it cheaper with the bidding.

Michael said...

You're always in my thoughts and prayers. Get better soon and let me know what the doctor says.

JWolfgramm said...

that sounds painful. I hope you get feeling better! Your little girl is so sweet!