Sunday, November 22, 2009

Courtney Is Here!

IMG_0153 It was a typical Sunday today…watching cartoons in the morning, getting ready, going to church, coming home, eating lunch, taking a nap, etc.  After we woke up from naps, we went over to Mom & Dad’s house b/c Mom had made a big pot roast w/ carrots and potatoes and gravy for dinner.  It was absolutely delectable.  Courtney also flew in today to visit for the Thanksgiving week.  It’s cute to see Nate & Courtney together…ah, young love.

IMG_0156 Autumn loves having Courtney here b/c she gets to wear her high heels and play dress up.  I don’t know how Autumn manages to walk in those super high heels, but she does great and she walks around like she’s the most awesome thing since sliced bread.

IMG_0166 I wanted to try out my zoom lens and it works great.  These pictures were taken from the other side of the room.  Autumn & Courtney were sitting on the floor drinking some hot chocolate out of their pink straws.

IMG_0161 I absolutely LOVE these two pictures of Autumn & Courtney just enjoying their chocolate milk and laughing.

IMG_0164 Talk about pure and complete joy and contentment.

IMG_0168Autumn’s such a cute little bug.  She loves to laugh and have a good time.  Her little mannerisms make her so endearing and loveable.

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Jen said...

Aww, so fun! See, those pics at the end are great! You got some nice blur b/c you were zoomed out making you "closer" to your subject. Can't wait to see more pics with the new camera!