Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

IMG_2162 Even though it was Friday the 13th, it ended up being a good day.  Dad came over this morning and brought Autumn a doughnut (left over from Seminary).  She was so excited and even wanted to take the empty box in the car w/ us on the way to daycare.

At work I went and got some drinks and pizza to tell the girls in the office thank you for doing such a great job dealing w/ all of the many changes we’ve had at work in the past few weeks and for putting up w/ me and my stressed out self.  It was really nice and relaxing and we even got in some training.

IMG_2164 After work we went over to Mom & Dad’s to share the left over pizza w/ them.  Mom had made a big pan of chicken divan (chicken w/ this amazing gravy and broccoli w/ stuffing on top).  Autumn had fun playing w/ Nate b/c she would chase him around the living room and he would chase her back.  She wanted him to lay down on the floor so she could cover him up w/ a blanket but instead he did push ups w/ her on his back.

IMG_2165 Jordan came over to give Nate a haircut and then to get one from him.  Nate and I were talking about Twilight earlier b/c he didn’t know what it was and I was telling him the shortened version of what Twilight is about.  He told me about Underworld, and it sounded so good that we had Jordan stop and rent it at Blockbuster before he came over.  We started watching it and Autumn was in the room, but when it got violent and they started shooting (like 3 minutes into the movie), I turned it off and tried to get Autumn to go into Mom’s room to watch Mulan, but Autumn did NOT want to!  She wanted to stay and watch the vampires and werewolves fighting!  I was shocked b/c I thought it would be too scary for her.  But, I didn’t let her watch it even though she wanted to b/c I don’t want to scar her for life.  She eventually went in Mom’s room when I bribed her w/ a bah bah.

It was a good movie, and what was even better was watching it w/ Nate b/c he would tell us what was going on.  Otherwise, I would have been super confused.  I’m excited to watch the other two videos in the trilogy.  And in less than a week I will be watching the midnight showing of New Moon.  I am TOTALLY team Jacob!

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