Saturday, November 14, 2009

Single Adult Conference

IMG_2168 Autumn got up this morning and wanted to be a little cuddle bug while we watched cartoons.  We had breakfast w/ Dad when he woke up and then I left Autumn at Mom & Dad’s house all day while I went to the Single Adult Conference w/ Christine.  We were late getting there, but we sat in on a class that had started and it was about finances.  It was a great class and I learned a lot.  After the class it was lunch time, and they had sandwiches and chips and fruit salad.  After lunch we went to a class on dating which was excellent and then after that we went to a class on music & the arts.  The guy teaching it is a door salesmen and he was talking about how anyone can be creative.  He started writing lyrics one day and Janice Kapp Perry is a family friend and so she put music to his lyrics.  He gave us a copy of a hymn he wrote 10 days ago w/ music done by her and had us sing it.  It was INCREDIBLE!

Anyways, the classes were all uplifting and informative and wonderful, but as soon as the classes were over we left.  I was by far the youngest one there and most people were in their 60’s.  A guy was talking to us and telling us back in 1979 (the year I was born!!!) he was going to BYU and he is the one that added the, “rah rah rah rah rah” at the end of the BYU fight song.  It was then I realized I did not belong there.  Christine and I were talking and we want to start a group for younger single adults in the DFW area, b/c there were only about 3 guys there that were our age.  We know there are other single adults our age, but they don’t want to go to activities like that b/c it’s mostly older people.  It was funny that in the dating class there was this 90 year old woman sitting in the front row.  She was so adorable and sweet but I was thinking, “Honey, when are you ever going to date?”  I was glad I went, but probably won’t be going to another one unless it’s just for the classes.

IMG_2173 Steve (Curt’s brother) lives close to the church we were at, so we drove over to his house and crashed on his couch until it was time to go back to the church for the dinner and dance part of the conference.  Christine and I ended up taking a little snooze on the couch and love seat while watching Mrs. Doubtfire.  Steve & Pete (also Curt’s brother) were supposed to be at the conference, but they had been to one before and knew everyone was a lot older.  So, we all decided to skip out on the dinner/dance and just go do our own thing.  We went to Texas Roadhouse, which was super tasty.

IMG_2175 Then we went rented The Proposal from a Redbox and went back to Steve’s house to watch it.  I got to have the love seat all to myself and I am IN LOVE w/ this sofa set.  The love seat was huge (I could lay out and fit my whole 6’1” body on it) and it was out of this world comfy.  I kept telling Steve I was going to come steal his sofa set while he was gone to church.  I usually don’t like couches w/ lots of pillows but this was definitely an exception.  I just melted right down into it and wanted to stay there forever.  It was a fun day and evening, but I missed my little Autumn Bottom and it was hard to be away from her all day.

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