Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Deals

IMG_2069This morning I woke up to this…Autumn came in wearing this hat from when she was 6 months old. It’s too small for her head, but she was working the look and making it look “fierce.”

IMG_2072 I cleaned the house and then we both got cleaned up (Autumn even dressed herself while I was getting ready). We went over to the church to help out w/ the big service project we were doing. It’s been 25 years since the first LDS chapel was built in our city and in order to celebrate, we all did service projects today. For the youth and adults they had clean up projects around the city, and for the little kids they had them decorate boxes so when the food pantry gives food to needy families it will be festive. Autumn helped me color the pictures and then tape them onto the boxes.

IMG_2076 She was so proud of the box we decorated and didn’t want to go home! She kept wanting to put leaves on our box. I hope she’ll always have the desire to serve others.

IMG_2078 After that, we headed over to Bath & Body Works. She was a good helper and carried the bag around for me (it was a trick of mine to keep her from touching things she shouldn’t). However, she couldn’t resist looking at these cute winter boots. I have a feeling I’m going to be in big trouble when she gets older and is going to want new shoes all the time.

IMG_2094 K, I have to share this deal w/ you. I got all six of these lotions for only $20. B&B has a special going on now where you can buy 3 and get 3 free, and then I also had a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. Usually they are $10.50 each! I LOVE finding a good deal, and this is the website where you can get the $10 off coupon. I am going to use these as Christmas gifts for Autumn’s teachers and others. The new Twilight Woods smells SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!

IMG_2079 After that we headed over to Garden Ridge to get a Christmas tree, b/c I got an ad in the mail and their trees were 1/2 off. I really debated between getting the yellow or orange tree (NOT). I got a 6 ft $15 tree! I know it’s not the highest quality, but who cares? It’s going to work out great for Autumn & I.

IMG_2083 Inside the shopping center were these cool murals on the walls. Autumn especially liked the eagle one.

IMG_2091 This one reminded me of southern Utah.

IMG_2087 I was looking at some cheap (99 cents) jewelry (see picture below) in one of the shops and Autumn went and climbed up on these rocks in the middle of the shopping center. She looked so cute just sitting there next to this big orange flower just chillaxin’ while I shopped.

IMG_2113 I got all of this awesome jewelry for just 99 cents each. Talk about a great deal! I’ve realized I’m addicted to jewelry. Some women have to have lots of bags, some have to have lots of shoes, some have to have lots of clothes…I have to have lots of jewelry.

IMG_2092 On the way out the door she spotted this Flintstone's purple dinosaur and wanted to sit on it. I didn’t have any quarters for her to ride it, but she still had fun just sitting there. We stopped at Taco Cabana and got some Cabana Bowls for lunch and took them over to Mom & Dad’s house. We hung out there and watched the BYU game (GO COUGS) and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_2100 After a fun afternoon, Liz & Liberty came over to watch Autumn for me while I went to the opening night hockey game w/ Mom & Dad & Nick. We got to be in the box and they had all of this awesome food. I especially liked the red, white and blue chips (team colors).

IMG_2098 While I was walking down the hall, I saw this guy and asked him if he was the mascot and if I could get a picture w/ him. He laughed and said he wasn’t the mascot but that I could get a picture w/ him. Come to find out, I guess he’s one of the developers of not only the property the events center sits on, but the whole new mall area in the city! Whoops…I called him a mascot. Oh, well at least he was really nice about it and was a friendly guy.

IMG_2104 Here’s some of the kids in Dad & Britt’s seminary class that were in the box w/ us. It was a lot of fun yelling and enjoying the game (especially b/c a few good fights broke out).

IMG_2108 Nick was especially excited when the dessert cart came around (it doesn’t look like it, but this piece of cake was HUGE). His favorite part of the night, though, was when he got a cheerleader’s signature.

IMG_2110 Here we are enjoying the game. Too bad we lost 4 to 1. It was still great to be there and a HUGE THANK YOU to Liz & Liberty for watching Autumn for me.

IMG_2111 Britt asked me if the pictures I was taking were going on my blog and I told him yes, so he had me take this picture of him & Dad. They are such great friends and I’m so glad they have each other. Another HUGE THANK YOU to Britt for the tickets and helping us to have such a memorable evening.

Today was full of great deals and good times.

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Hanah said...

Lisa you are looking sooo skinny!! Whatever you are doing, it is working! :D Looks like soo much fun!! :D