Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mumu Mama

IMG_2151 Tonight after work/school we dropped off Liz at her house and then came over to Mom & Dad’s.  Dad had called me and said to come over to eat b/c Mom had made some stuffed peppers (from the garden).  They were super tasty and so were the mashed potatoes and gravy she had made also.  After eating, it was time for Nate to go to class.  He came out wearing this and Mom told him there was no way he was going to class looking like that and to go change b/c he looked horrible and she wouldn’t claim him as her own looking like that.  He laughed and lovingly said, “You’re one to talk Mumu Lady.”

IMG_2152 We all started laughing so hard that our sides hurt.  She went to hug him and instead pretended to knee him right where it counts.  That just made us laugh even harder.  I love my family so much and cherish the fun little moments like this that we share all the time.

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The Miller Family: said...

hey it was fun to see your comment on my blog. i was suprised to see people still knew me. autumn is so dang cute! i hope your doing well. the bedspread in the background is from walmart.