Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Settin’ The Table

IMG_2205 Tonight we went over to Mom & Dad’s house b/c they had gone and got Autumn from daycare after they went and saw the new 3D Christmas Carol.  Mom said it is NOT for children and it is really scary and she wouldn’t even take a 12 year old to see it, so it’s definitely not one I will take Autumn to see.  Anyways, Autumn helped me set the table tonight and you would have thought I had told her it was Christmas morning.  She was SO EXCITED to help me set the table.  I showed her were the fork and knife and spoon went and she did a great job.  I hope she’ll always be so happy about the little things, b/c those are really the things that count the most in life.

IMG_2207 This is what we had for dinner…mini meatloafs, green bean casserole and yams.  It was so super scrumptious and all I can say is that we are SPOILED ROTTEN!  It was so nice to sit down as a family (we missed you Lex & Jon & Andrew) and just enjoy a nice meal together.  It made me so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas when we get to be all together as a family and eat good food and play games and just create memories.

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