Friday, December 4, 2009

2 For $20

IMG_2227 Today when I picked Autumn up from daycare, they had redone her hair in pigtails and she looked ADORABLE!  It made her hair look incredibly long.  And she loved it, b/c she kept flipping her hair around.  We went over to see Dad before he left to go to Utah to spend some time w/ Grandma Johnson before she passes away.  Dad said he wanted to take us all out to dinner, so we loaded in the Durango and headed to Chili’s.

IMG_2235 B/c the Stars won at the hockey game last night, we got a coupon as we were leaving the AAC for  free chips and salsa, so we used it tonight.  Autumn went to town on those chips and ate them as if they were going to go out of style.

IMG_2237 Nate & I decided to do the 2 for $20 deal where we got an appetizer to share, 2 entrees, and then a dessert.  Mom & Dad did the same thing and got the southwestern eggrolls for their appetizer, so we decided to try something different and got the onion and jalapeno rings.  I tried one of the jalapeno rings and it wasn’t too spicy, so I had another one…BAD IDEA!  The second one I had was super spicy and burned my mouth.  I couldn’t even eat my entree for about 10 minutes when it came b/c any type of heat made the spiciness in my mouth even worse.  Note to self…next time just order the southwestern eggrolls b/c you can never go wrong w/ those.

IMG_2240 Our entrees were huge and we were so full after eating.  But, of course we made room for some dessert.  Nate & I got the new chocolate chip paradise pie and it was phenomenal (and way better than the brownie Mom & Dad got).  Nate was making this face b/c there was a table of teenage girls behind us that was making him nuts.

IMG_2243 It was a lovely evening out and we (especially Autumn) are going to miss Papa while he’s in Utah.  After dinner, we drove over to the stake center to see the Crèche that our stake puts on every year.  Mom has so many nativities that she gets her own section.  The whole thing was set up beautifully and Autumn had been kind of wild and loud before we got there, but once we walked inside she calmed right down and I could sense that she was feeling the Spirit.  They had a group of singers performing Christmas carols and she wanted to go sit down and listen to them sing.  She was enthralled w/ the singers and just sat there soaking it all in.  It was so tender and even made me a little teary eyed.  She was NOT happy when it was time to go.

We went back to Mom & Dad’s house and watched The Family Man w/ Nicholas Cage.  It’s such a tender movie and really helps to remind us of what’s important in life.  The family in Utah called to tell Dad that Grandma Johnson has been loopy at times due to the medicine and then really mentally there other times.  I guess they had her help plan her funeral today when she was mentally aware.  I can’t imagine how surreal and hard that would be to help plan your own funeral and to know that your life as you know it will soon be ending.  I just hope and pray that she’s not in pain and that when she does pass that it will be peaceful.

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