Thursday, December 3, 2009

I’m Seeing Stars

IMG_0698 Yesterday Dad called and said Bro. Berrett had six tickets to the Stars game and asked if I wanted to go.  Um, let me think about it…HECK YEAH!

IMG_0694 Here’s the motley crew.  It’s so nice to spend time w/ Bro. & Sis. Berrett.  They are such a fun couple and I appreciate that they are so nice to share their tickets w/ us.

IMG_0695 Steve met us there and used the extra ticket we had.  He is so quick witted and had me laughing the whole night.  It’s always a party and a good time w/ him around.

IMG_0697 We had AWESOME seats right behind the goal on the 6th row.(THANK YOU, BRITT)!
The game wasn’t very good until the third quarter.  There was only one good fight, and the Stars ended up scoring 3 goals to win the game.  The first goal was a fluke b/c the puck bounced off the other team player’s skate and into the goal!  It was such an enjoyable evening and I didn’t even have to worry about Autumn at all b/c I knew she was in good hands being watched by Curt & Mary & Jessie.  She LOVES being over there w/ them.


Completely changing gears here…

Today we found out that Grandma Johnson has advanced leukemia and the doctors are only giving her a few days to a few weeks to live.  Her health has been deteriorating rapidly over the past few months, and she fell last week and broke her ankle, which put her in the hospital.  They ran a bunch of tests and discovered the leukemia.  There’s nothing they can really do for her other than sending her home w/ some morphine to help w/ the pain so she can die at home.  I guess I always knew the day would come when she would die, but I didn’t realize it would be so soon and there are so many things I regret not doing like video taping her telling stories about her childhood and about her and Grandpa and their life together.  Anyways, please keep her in your prayers that she won’t be in a lot of pain.

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