Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

Last year I did a post which was basically a bulleted list of the major things that happened each month in 2008. I enjoyed doing that so much last year, that I decided to do it again this year. It’s a great way for me to go back and remember all the happy and sad and challenging and rewarding things that happened in my life this year. Here’s the list:

January 2009:
*Chose the word CHANGE for my word for the year
*Girl’s Night out
*Started dating Don
*Autumn turned two
*Got a big ice storm in Texas

February 2009:
*Dad built an addition to the fort in the back yard
*Went to a gay bar for Liz’s Bachelorette Party
*Aunt Jeri came to visit
*Went to a Stars hockey game w/ Don & Aunt Jeri
*Gave and received some awesome Valentine’s Day surprises
*Liz & Liberty got married
*Nick got his driver’s license & we had a party for him
*Melissa Bedwell got married

March 2009:
*Chantal came to visit, so we went to lunch
*Triple date to Chili’s and a movie
*Don & I quit dating and just stayed friends
*Slid off the road and was protected by angels
*Got Enrique’s phone number at Iron Cactus
*Hosted an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party
*Game night at Liz & Liberty’s with Don
*Autumn laughing at blowing dandelions
*Ashley Johnson’s bridal shower
*Dave Thompson came to visit
*Gave my phone # to Marsel at WalMart

April 2009:
*General Conference & Liz & I had a pecan pie bake off (she won)
*Don was in a horrible car accident
*Easter party at the Johnson’s Farm
*Sheila’s Menchaca’s bridal shower
*Gigi the goat had 2 babies
*Autumn & Nick & I moved into our new house!!!

May 2009:
*Mother’s Day
*Bought a table and chairs off Craigslist
*Had an emergency root canal b/c my took cracked
*Ashley & Jordan’s reception
*Alison’s bridal shower
*Memorial Day pool party
*Got lots of free furniture from people at church
*Jason wanted to give up rights to Autumn
*Mary & Christine spent their Girl’s Weekend Off at Mom & Dad’s house

June 2009:
*Got more free furniture from people at church
*5 year anniversary of my trip to Slovenija w/ Jonesy
*Autumn got sick
*Celebrated Liberty’s birthday at Olive Garden
*Flag Day Party at Tyler & Emily’s
*Replaced the garbage disposal
*Spent lots of time at the park and in the pool
*Father’s Day
*Dinner w/ the missionaries at Liz & Liberty’s
*Watched our city’s 4th of July fireworks (best I’ve ever seen)
*Went to a late night movie w/ Mary & Christine & Karri

July 2009:
*Mom & Dad got rid of Gigi the goat
*4th Of July
*Started dating Michael
*Made homemade bread w/ Mary
*Went jet skiing w/ The Berretts
*Alison & Braulio’s reception
*Six Flags w/ Michael & Jacob & Krystina
*Autumn had an infected bug bite on her leg
*Mom & Dad’s 32nd anniversary, Tara & Michael’s anniversary, Tara’s birthday
*Party at Alison & Braulio’s
*Pool party at Mom & Dad’s w/ 18 people
*Weekends with Michael
*Nate came home from college

August 2009:
*Game night at Curt & Mary’s
*Surprise flowers from Michael at work
*Jon & Andrew’s birthdays
*Weekend in Longview
*Lots of swimming and good eating
*Weekends with Michael
*Spent a lot of time praying and trying to make a hard decision
*Michael & I broke up
*Got addicted to playing The Impossible Quiz
*The scary bat became a permanent fixture at Mom & Dad’s house
*Baseball game in the box seats

September 2009:
*End of summer party at work
*Got my hair cut
*Labor Day
*Took Autumn to the dermatologist on 9/9/09
*Tried out some new recipes
*Autumn had some major melt downs
*Celebrated Dad’s 54th birthday
*Had a crawfish boil for Nick’s 24th birthday
*Matt Courtois died in Iraq
*Went to dinner w/ Rachel Maygren
*Weekend in Longview
*1 year anniversary of Tara’s death

October 2009:
*General Conference
*Nate applied to be a policeman
*Girl’s bathroom at work flooded
*Courtney came to visit
*Had an ovarian cyst burst
*Dinner w/ Jen and her girls
*Went to the Texas State Fair for the first time
*Went to Zach’s homecoming from his mission to the Philippines
*Got flowers from Michael for my birthday
*Got my Hawaii ring fixed/5 year anniversary of my trip to Hawaii w/ Tara
*Rufio came to stay for a week & I took the week off of work
* Dinner w/ Sis. Reichert
*Celebrated my 30th birthday w/ a shrimp boil and hot tubbing
* Halloween

November 2009:
*Fire men came to work and we got to sit in their fire truck
*Sat in the suite at a hockey game
*Did a service project at church
*Started baking a lot with Autumn
*Went to the single adult conference w/ Christine
*Liz & Liberty got a new puppy
*I got a new camera
*Went and saw a midnight showing of New Moon
*Liz & Liberty came over to make and eat dinner
*Courtney came to visit
*Pedicures w/ Liz
*Thanksgiving in Weatherford
*Decorated for Christmas
*Liz & Liberty took out their endowments
*Autumn got a nursemaid’s elbow, but Dad fixed it

December 2009:
*It snowed
*Went to a Stars hockey game
*Grandma Johnson died on Dec 5th
*Trip to Utah
*Grandma Johnson’s funeral
*Got pictures taken by Maka
*Saw some old Prosper friends
*Lunch w/ Jobi and her boys
*Went to Temple Square
*Hung out w/ Brenner & Jonesy
*Hatch Family Christmas Party
*Spent some time w/ Cassie & Ashley & Bianca
*Company Christmas party at Whirlyball
*Johnson Family Christmas Party
*Made treats for our neighbors
*Had an office party
*Autumn got sick
*It snowed three times this month
*New Year’s Pool Dip Party
*Nate & Courtney got engaged

Looking back over the year, I think that change was a good word for me to pick for 2009. There were some major changes that took place in my life such as dating 2 great guys, but things not working out w/ either of them. Then there was the change of moving into a new house. Grandma Johnson dying was a sad change that I wasn’t prepared for or expecting. Changing the fact that I hadn’t been to Utah in almost 2 years was a good thing. Changing the fact that I had never met Ashley or Bianca in person was a great thing.

However, when doing some more introspection, I feel that I let myself down on some of the changes I expected of myself. All the things I listed above were events and things that happened TO ME. None of them were things that I did myself. For example, I didn’t really change my eating habits to eat healthier this year. I didn’t change how much I exercised in order to lose some weight and be healthier. I didn’t change how often I went to the temple (I had wanted to try and go at least once a month). I didn’t change my prayer and scripture reading habits to be closer in my relationship to the Savior and Heavenly Father. So, in the things that really count and matter, I didn’t do much changing, which makes me disappointed in myself.

But overall, I think the changes that took place in 2009 were good ones. It’s been a really good year for Autumn & I and I am excited about what 2010 will bring our way.

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Hanah said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe Nate is engaged!! :) Congrats to him!! I have to tell you that I love reading your blog! You always have such a postive outlook on things, and are such a fun, and bubbly gal!! :D I'm glad you posted the above post about your word for the year. I was pondering what my word should be, and it just came to me this morning. My word for 2010 is "Purpose." I feel lately that most of my life's plans, have been completely changed. I kinda feel like we are just in limbo. Waiting to know if and when we'll get into yet another school, waiting to know when we should have our next baby, Before I always knew about a time frame for the next one, and though I know there is atleast one more, I am not feeling any kind of a timeframe, that and a whole bunch of other things, have made me wonder what it is that we are exactly doing, what is our plan, our purpose, besides the big huge life goals, (raising kids in the gospel.) Every day I am going to have some kind of a purpose, so I won't feel like we're just wasting our time waiting for the next big change. :) Thankyou for posting that, and for inspiring me to do the same, it has really lifted my spirits! :D Love ya dearie!!