Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve 2009

IMG_2320 Today I went to work, but got off early b/c it was so slow.  I picked up Autumn from daycare and we came over to Mom & Dad’s to spend the evening w/ the family.  We played card games and Rummikub.  Then I decided I wanted to start a New Year’s Eve tradition, so we watched The Last Holiday w/ Queen Latifah in it, b/c they celebrate New Year’s in that movie, and that’s the only movie I could think of that has a New Year’s celebration in it.  Plus, I just love that movie anyways.  I also wanted to start a tradition of making a treat on New Year’s Eve, so we decided to make the mini cream cheese desserts that Aunt Sandy brought to the pool party.  Lex & Autumn were more than happy to help lick out the bowl.

IMG_2325 After we watched The Last Holiday, the mini cheesecakes were done, so we had a few.  Then we were getting tired and needed to wake up, so we watched Star Trek.  After that, there was only about 20 more minutes until midnight.  We were flipping channels and found Whose Line Is It Anyways?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show b/c it is so incredibly funny.  We spent the last few minutes of 2009 laughing and just being together as a family…a pretty good way to end a year if you ask me.

IMG_2329 2 minutes before midnight we busted out the sparkling apple cider and fancy glasses so we could ring in the New Year (and decade) like we always do.

IMG_2331 Nick & Emma are ready
(Nick looks drunk in this picture but definitely isn’t).

IMG_2332 Mom & Dad

IMG_2333 Jon & Lexie

IMG_2337 Andrew went a little crazy w/ the sparkling cider (just like last year) and passed out w/ his bottle.  This is starting to become a bad habit of his!

IMG_2343 I rang in the New Year w/ my sparkling cider and Autumn rang it in w/ her bah bah of milk.  What a pair we make.

IMG_2348 Nate & Courtney…

IMG_2344 …have an announcement…

IMG_2347 …they are engaged!!!  Nate was gone w/ some of his guy friends part of the night, and I thought it was weird that he would leave Courtney here by herself.  He and a couple of his guy friends came to get her around 10:45 and wouldn’t say where they were going.  We all figured at that point that he was going to propose.  I don’t know all the details other than he did a scavenger hunt and Courtney cried a lot.  We are so happy for them!



kcwatson said...

Wow! Tell Nate and Courtney congratulations, when is the BIG day?

Charlotta-love said...


And Happy New Year everyone else!