Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cheetos & Cookies & Christmas Devotional

IMG_0735 Today was a good one.  We got up and went to church and then came home and took naps.  Mom called & said to come over and eat dinner w/ her and the boys.  After dinner, Autumn snuggled up next to Mom on the couch to share a bowl of Cheetos together while watching the Cowboys game.

IMG_0736 I had a hankerin’ for chocolate chip cookies, so I made Nick & Nate go over to Curt & Mary’s to borrow some chocolate chips.  Autumn wanted to be my little helper and pulled her chair up next to the counter.  She’s especially good at licking the mixer whisk.

IMG_0741 She looked so cute today in her Christmas dress from last year and the big Christmas bow I bought her.  I thought this was a sweet one of her w/ the “be joyful” fabric panel in the background.  She’s so many of the reasons that this has been a joyful year for me.

IMG_0744 Maggie & Josie came over to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional w/ us.  The music was so beautiful and the talks were inspiring.  Nate is constantly teasing Autumn & lately she’s started doing this “prophet hand” to him.  We call it the “prophet hand” b/c she looks like Moses when he parts the Red Sea.  She does it to Nate all the time and says, “No, Nate.”  It’s pretty funny.  The weekends seem to go so fast and now it’s already time to get ready for another work week.  Although, I am shocked that it’s already time for Christmas…this year has FLOWN by for me!

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