Sunday, December 27, 2009

Football & Flips

IMG_1938 This morning Autumn & I got up and went to church.  When we got home, we changed clothes and went over to Mom & Dad’s.  Mom made a spiral cut ham and yellow crook neck squash and yams for dinner.  I can’t even begin to describe how tasty it was.  After eating, it was time to relax and watch some football.  Autumn & Andrew wanted to sit in their recliners again.

IMG_1935 Look at these two…they’ve tripped the life fantastic and what more could they want?  I wonder if there’s any other kids in the world that are this spoiled?

IMG_1941 Autumn’s poor little lip from where she fell yesterday is starting to scab over and she looks like a scuzz-wa-woo (that’s what we used to call Lexie when she was little b/c she would always have scabs and owies on her face from falling.


IMG_1948After watching football for a while, the kids were getting restless and wanted to play.  We ran around the living room and kitchen for a while, but then they wanted to flip.  I lay down and put them on my feet and then flip them over me.


IMG_1950 I used to do this w/ Lex & Nick & Nate, so now it’s fun to do it w/ Autumn & Andrew.  They kept wanting me to flip them over and over and over and over…you get the idea.  I finally had to stop b/c my legs were getting tired.  But I’m glad the kids had such a good time and I got in a little leg work out at the same time.

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