Saturday, December 26, 2009

Walking Through The Neighborhood

IMG_1881 This morning we got up and had the 2nd pan of scrapple for breakfast and finished off the cream cheese bread.  Then, the kids wanted to watch a movie, so Dad got their recliners all set up in front of the TV.

IMG_1882 He even went and got them some treats to snack on while they watched the movie.  They have no idea how lucky and loved and spoiled they are.  We were laughing that they looked so cute in their little recliners and how they look like an old married couple just chillin’ in their recliners.

IMG_1883 After Andrew was done w/ his treat, he put the bowl on his head randomly and just kept it there for a while.  He is such a character.  Mom & I got cleaned up and went to Lane Bryant to get her some new jeans and lounge pants since they were having a sale.  Then we got pizza for everyone for lunch and came home.


IMG_1890 I was getting a little stir crazy from being inside for 2 days straight, so after lunch we put on our coats (it was a cold 42 degrees outside) and went on a walk.  We got the kids to race to help them get out some of their pent up energy.  Autumn is a fast little stinker and outran Andrew & Lexie.  But, she got running so fast that her shoe caught on the pavement and she tripped while running full speed.  She scratched up her hands and her upper lip right under her nose got a little scratched too.  She was fine and back to running after a some good hugs and kisses from me.  After running around for a little bit, we took the kids over to the lot to throw sticks in the water.  We couldn’t find too many sticks so after they threw in all the ones we had, we threw in some rocks.

IMG_1889 We had fun and just had to make sure the kids didn’t get too close to the side of the ledge.

IMG_1891 Cute family picture…I think we may have found a spot to take next year’s Christmas pictures…

IMG_1897 After throwing sticks and rocks in the water, we were walking back to the house.  There is this big piece of land w/ some old barns on it next to the lot and I’ve always wanted to go over there and take pictures.  I convinced everyone to trespass so we could check it out.  There was this cool old piece of fence just randomly sticking out of the ground.

IMG_1899 Lexie was joking while we were taking this picture that we’re standing next to a yellow barrel of toxic sludge.

IMG_1903 We tried finding a pitchfork so we could try and recreate the picture of American Gothic.


IMG_1911 The kids had fun walking around and exploring outside of all the old buildings.  They wanted to go inside of one, but we were afraid it might fall apart, so we just stayed outside.  I loved this little chicken coop (the picture on the right and below).  It looked like a fun place for the kids to play if it weren’t so dirty.

IMG_1914 I loved how it had a “Z” on the door and some old horseshoes above the doorway in the eaves.  I will for sure be back to take some more pictures over there.

IMG_1915 This is the old house at the front of the property (we snuck in at the back of the property).  I thought it would be cool to take pictures of a bride in her wedding dress w/ the backdrop of the old houses and barn in contrast to the newness of the wedding dress.

IMG_1921 We walked along the country road to the back of our backyard.  Jon found a small patch of leftover snow in the shade and gave a snowball to Andrew to throw at me.

IMG_1927 We let the kids go play on the fort for a little bit and then they noticed this big patch of snow and wanted to go have a little snowball fight.  Look at this picture of Jon throwing a snowball.  Guess where it landed…


IMG_1931 …right on Lexie’s shirt! LOL!  The kids had a blast throwing snow at each other and getting snowballs thrown at them…not something they usually get to experience in Texas.  It was a first snowball fight for both of them!

IMG_1933 We had a great time on our walk and enjoyed being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

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