Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grandma Johnson’s Funeral

IMG_0778 We got up early this morning to get ready and then we went over to the church for the viewing. It was so heart wrenching and yet tender at the same time to see Grandpa sitting there holding Grandma’s hand and saying his good bye to his wife of 61 years.


IMG_0788 Autumn walked around holding the boutonnieres so Aunt Sandy could pin them on all the boys. This was the table outside the viewing room w/ the beautiful flowers and programs and then they had little papers for people to write down their memories of Grandma.
IMG_0794 We had a table set up outside the viewing room that had a bunch of pictures and things of Grandma’s. This has always been one of my favorite pictures that she had up in her house. It’s a picture of the 6 boys at Tafta’s wedding.

IMG_0795 I also loved this one of Grandma & Grandpa on their wedding and then a more current one.

IMG_0808 This is a picture of Grandma’s siblings.
Dixie, Juanita, Cula, Moe, Margaret (she is married to Grandma’s brother Carl that already passed away)

IMG_0818 There are Grandpa’s siblings.
Warren, Carol, Grandpa, Harold

IMG_0812 I absolutely LOVE this picture of Andy wearing his Navy uniform standing there w/ Grandpa. There were so many people that came to the viewing. It was so special to see how many people wanted to come and pay their respects to Grandma Johnson.

IMG_0792One of the things that was out on the display table was a shirt of Grandma’s w/ all 6 of the boys’ Boy Scout Eagle pins on it. That was something she was very proud of…all her boys got their Eagles.

IMG_0834 I thought this was a neat picture of Dad sitting over in the corner getting on of his brother’s Boy Scout handkerchiefs ready to wear.

IMG_0829 One thing I love about Grandma is that she was so patriotic and I know that she would appreciate this picture of Andy putting his Dad’s handkerchief on.

IMG_0833 I think this has to be one of my favorite pictures from the funeral. Uncle Todd is a salt of the earth type of person and I just adore this moment I captured of him just thinking and wearing his Boy Scout handkerchief around his neck.

All of these boys were rough and wild as kids (like most normal boys are). But as anyone will tell you, Grandma would cry at the drop of the hat and all her kids inherited the crying gene. It was so tender to see these big grown men crying while talking about how much they loved their mother during the funeral services.

After the talks, they had all the grandkids & great-grandkids get up and sing Families Can Be Together Forever as the closing song. I couldn’t even sing b/c I was crying too much. However, there was one funny thing that happened. We were sitting and listening to one of they boys talk when all of a sudden I noticed a bee come flying out of one of the flowers up on the stand and come right towards me. I HATE bees w/ a passion and wondered why on Earth there was a bee flying around since it was only 12 degrees outside. But, it was just my luck that it came flying towards me and it landed in my hair!!! I tried not to freak out b/c we were at a funeral after all, but I leaned over to Nate and under my breath said, “There is a bee in my hair! GET IT OUT NOW!!!” He said he didn’t see it, so I pointed it out to him and he hit it out of my hair and it landed on my lap right next to Autumn’s hand. He hit it off my lap and onto the floor where I squished into a pulp. I wonder if that was Grandma Johnson’s way of saying to me, “OH, GARBAGE, Lisa Ree.”

IMG_0840 The funeral services were very nice and Grandma would have been happy. The 6 boys were the pallbearers and I’ve never seen or been to a funeral before where all the pallbearers were wearing blue Boy Scout handkerchiefs.

IMG_0845 Once we got over to the graveyard, they had the grandsons that were there carry the casket over to the gravesite. Kerry Watson dedicated the grave.

IMG_0857 Such an achievement & such beautiful flowers.

IMG_0873 Look at those mountains in the background.

IMG_0872 Grandma would be so proud of the legacy that she has left and that her kids and grandkids and great grandkids are good hard working people.

IMG_0862 Clint, Hailey, Chad, Wes, Austin, Andrew, Brandon

IMG_0863 Brittany, Tafta, Thomas Jr., Jennifer, Seth, Ally, James, Jayme, Watson, Julie, Thomas

IMG_0866Rett & Darcy

IMG_0855 These mountains are just breathtaking and I wish I could pack them up and take them home to Texas w/ me. It was a beautiful setting.

After the graveside services, we went back to the church where the women in her ward had a lovely lunch prepared for all of us (complete w/ Utah funeral potatoes). We all sat and talked and enjoyed being together. Then we all pitched in and cleaned up the cultural hall. We went back into the Relief Society room to share memories we had of Grandma. I typed all of them up and we also recorded them. It was such a great way to remember all the great times we had with Grandma Johnson.

IMG_0876 Grandma was one of those women that made a huge impact on those around her and everyone that knew her loved her. She was loving and honest and a hard worker, she would just say things the way they were, she loved to educate and teach, she loved to sew and create things and be productive. I know my life has been forever changed for the better from having had her as my Grandma. I am so lucky to have such an amazing woman as my Grandma. She has left such an legacy of love and she will be greatly missed.

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