Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Utah Or Bust

IMG_0754 We were planning on going to Utah on Friday anyways b/c Southwest had some cheap airfares and we wanted to go to the Hatch family Christmas party.  However, since Grandma Johnson died on Saturday we moved up our tickets so we could be at the funeral tomorrow.  I had a few errands I needed to run, so Autumn & I got up and got ready for the day and headed out.  We went to Lane Bryant b/c I needed some new lounge pants since Nick got bleach on my other ones (it was an accident).  Then we went to Sam Moons to get some new hair bows for Autumn & some chains for necklaces.  Then we went to WalMart and we were both hungry, so we stopped in at McDonald’s and got a hamburger.  Autumn sure does love her french fries.  I got her a coloring book w/ stickers in it to keep her occupied on the plane.  Then it was time to go home and pack.

IMG_0755 Maggie drove us to the airport (we dropped Nate off first at DFW) and then she dropped off Nick & Mom & Autumn & I at Love Field.  Autumn was a good girl and loved sitting and looking out the window at the planes coming in and out.

IMG_0769 We were an hour and a half late taking off and flew into Oklahoma City and then to Denver and finally into SLC.  When we stopped in Denver, I needed to change Autumn’s diaper so we went in the bathroom.  She barely fit on the changing table and I had to shut the door to the bathroom b/c they were restocking the little kitchen area and it was ONE degree in Denver!

IMG_0770 Even though this picture is blurry, I thought it was a fun photo b/c of how squished we were in that tiny little bathroom.

IMG_0771 Autumn did a great job on the plane and only got fussy a few times.  I kept her busy w/ stickers and coloring and I had Mulan II on my laptop, so she enjoyed watching that even though we couldn’t hear any sound.  I thought this poinsettia tree in the SLC airport was very festive.  Chris came and picked us up in his Avalanche (so nice) and we finally got to Rufio’s house around 10:30.  We had some brown bread and then fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

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