Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Third Birthday

IMG_2626 It was a typical Sunday morning complete w/ watching cartoons and eating cereal. We got cleaned up and went to church. Autumn was so excited to wear her pretty princess dress (her Christmas dress). She was good in sacrament meeting today b/c I brought some stickers to keep her busy. After church, our home teachers came over and then we went over to Mom & Dad’s. Mom had made some chicken divan and we ate some of that and then Autumn went and sat on Mom’s lap and was out like a light within five minutes.

IMG_2627 She slept for a few hours and I blogged and watched football and took a little nap myself. When Autumn woke up, we made a cake for her birthday and while it was baking, she played Candyland (she got it for her birthday) w/ Dad & Nick. She won twice and had a good time playing it. I thought it was cute that she pulled her recliner up to the coffee table to play.

IMG_2632 Once the cake was done, I made some homemade cream cheese frosting (so good) and then it was time to sing to her. It was fun b/c Ashley & Jordan & Jessie just happened to come by right before we sang, so they were there to celebrate w/ us. She was so happy to be the center of attention and couldn’t stop smiling.

IMG_2635 Here she is blowing out the candle and making her wish.

IMG_2638 I got her 2 new swimsuits for this summer since they were on sale at Target for only $10 each. Nate & Jordan wanted to try them on and model them for us. Don’t they look cute?


IMG_2641 She also got a stick of giant “wip stick” and a package of hair elastics just especially for her to use on her doll’s hair. Usually she wants to put elastics in her doll’s hair, but I won’t let her b/c she uses the whole package. When I told her she could use all of them on her dolls, her face lit up like a Christmas tree. She also got a present from Mimi & Papa…two huge boxes of fruit snacks from Costco. She’s pretty much the luckiest girl ever. I love it that she was so thrilled to get elastics and fruit snacks. I wish it would stay that way forever, but I have a feeling that the older she gets, the more expensive the gifts will need to be in order to keep her happy.

IMG_2642 She wanted to share her “wip stick” with Papa.

IMG_2643 But, she couldn’t leave Mimi out either and had to share some w/ her.

IMG_2646 After that, it was time to get to work on the elastics. It is so funny how she can sit and put elastic after elastic on her dolls and stuffed animals. If you look close, you can see the dog already has a bunch of elastics around his ear. About 3 minutes after taking this picture, Autumn hit her tired wall and had a major melt down, so we packed up and headed home.

It was a fun filled birthday weekend, just like last year. I can’t believe that just three short years ago today my life was forever changed when the sweetest little angel was born to me. I’ll never forget the moment when they first laid her on my stomach and she took her first breath and I heard her cry. My soul connected w/ her soul and I knew she was mine for forever. I had never felt such a sense of love like that before. She was, is, and always will be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.


DSC01474_016_016 Us, 3 years ago today

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Happy Belated Birthday to Autumn!