Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pretty Princess Party

IMG_2580 This morning we got up and got ready for the day and the headed to the store to get some groceries and things for the Princess Party today. We came over to Mom & Dad’s and made some salsa to take w/ us and then we headed over to the clinic to pick up Dad and drove out to Tyler & Emily’s for the party. Brooke let Autumn borrow her Ariel dress so they could both be princesses today.

IMG_2573 We just had snack foods like chips and salsa and fruit and cream puffs to eat. Shane went and got Caleb’s doctor kit and was having Dad check him out. Even when he’s not working, Dad can’t get away from work. But, he loves it!

IMG_2583 Tyler had blown up a bunch of balloons and written stuff about all 4 of the birthday people on each balloon. We were celebrating Autumn, Brooke, Heather, & Zack’s birthdays b/c they are all in January. Notice how Autumn has her pink princess camera in her hand. She was following me around taking pictures of everything I did.

IMG_2591 After we ate, the kid watched Cinderella and the adults played Nertz. It’s a card game that’s a mix of Solitaire and SkipBo. It was so much fun and got a little crazy at times.

IMG_2594 After the movie was over, it was time to open gifts. The little girls were so excited and Autumn got more gifts for her birthday than she did for Christmas.


IMG_2599 Brooke got a Snow White book, which was perfect b/c that’s who she was dressed as today. She also got this adorable princess towel complete w/ a crown on the top.

IMG_2595 Autumn was so excited about this Mulan book since Mulan is her favorite movie right now. She tells me all the time to put her hair in a “Princess poof” like Mulan.
IMG_2601 Aunt Sandy got her a Dora the Explorer doll, and Autumn was SO EXCITED and went over to give her a thank you kiss. She wasn’t interested in opening the rest of her gifts after getting that doll. She just wanted to play w/ Dora but we convinced her to finish opening presents.

IMG_2603Heather made Brooke & Autumn a princess tutu, b/c they loved their Christmas ones so much. Autumn was too busy opening presents to put it on, so we found some other people that wanted to wear it…

IMG_2605 Papa looks awesome in this tutu. This is a cheaper alternative to getting hair extensions.

IMG_2606 And we couldn’t leave out Uncle Robert. He wanted to get in on the princess tutu action, too. Aunt Sandy said I needed to take a picture of him b/c he hadn’t been on my blog in a while! LOL!

IMG_2608 Aunt Sandy made the birthday cake and it was in the shape of a giant cupcake. It was so cute and festive.

IMG_2612 The girls had to try 4 or 5 times to get the candle to go out. I LOVE this picture of Autumn laughing. Birthdays and Christmas and all other holidays are so much more fun to celebrate when little kids are around b/c of the pure joy and excitement they get out of simple things.


IMG_2616 While we were eating cake and ice cream, I noticed Autumn was missing so I went to find her. I found her on the stairs putting her Dora doll on one stair and then laying down by her on the next step. She was saying, “Come lay down by Mama,” which is what I say to her when she comes and gets in bed w/ me in the mornings. She’s such a cute little mama to her baby dolls.

IMG_2623 The boys wanted to go outside and ride trikes, so of course Autumn & Brooke wanted to go, too. They rode around for a while, but then it started to get too cold, so it was time to come in. Autumn had only had a 15 minute nap today, so when it was time to come in, she had a melt down and was screaming bloody murder and throwing a major fit. She even got so mad she bit me on the leg. I didn’t put up w/ that, so it was time to go. We loaded up the car and headed home and thankfully she fell asleep on the way home.

I was able to go out on a date tonight w/a guy I work with. We are just friends, but it was still nice to have an evening out. We went and saw Sherlock Holmes and then after that was over we went out to eat at Chili’s b/c we were both hungry. It was an enjoyable evening and the conversation was nice. It’s always good to have fun friends to do things with.


Rachel said...

What a fun birthday! That's how I like to celebrate my birthdays -- about three days of fun! She looks adorable in the photos where she is holding her pink camera and copying you.

JWolfgramm said...

fun birthday! good job mom!! Love the cupcake-cake!!! :)