Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Weekend

IMG_2399 Saturday morning we watched our normal Disney Channel cartoons and then I got cleaned up b/c Dad wanted us to come over to say hi before he had to go to work (I think he missed Autumn while he was in Utah for a week). It has been COLD here in Texas (down in the teens for the temperature). Here’s proof…our pool waterfall has formed ice. I wanted to take a picture of the waterfall w/ the auto setting on my camera.

IMG_2408 Then this is the one I took w/ the TV setting. I love this one so much better than the first and think it looks awesome. Isn’t it amazing what cameras and technology can do?

IMG_2409 It was such a lazy Saturday b/c we just spent the whole day vegging out and watching football games. Mom & I made some homemade salsa and for lunch we ordered pizza. Mom & Dad spent the evening at Dad’s work party and they wanted a picture of the two of them before they left.

IMG_2410 I am so glad that after 20 plus years of marriage they are still so in love and make out at the dinner table (even though we all pretend to act like we’re grossed out). They’re so wonderful together and I’m blessed beyond belief to have them as my parents.

IMG_2415 Emma spent the whole evening on my lap and kept wanting me to pet her. She’s such a good little dog. I am glad the Cowboys won tonight. Autumn & I came home after the game and I wanted to watch Pride & Prejudice, so I put it on while Autumn was playing w/ her dolls. I was surprised when she left her babies and came and sat by me on the couch and watched the movie w/ me! She’s a girl after my own heart. When she went to bed, I wasn’t tired so I watched Steel Magnolias b/c I was missing Tara. I love that movie and I love her and it made me feel close to her.

IMG_2421 This morning Autumn & I woke up and got cleaned up and went to church. I had a tender mercy happen at church today. Autumn was being a stinker during sacrament meeting. Nothing really bad, but she was just being loud and boisterous. For example, she was sitting on my lap and during a super quiet part she said really loud, “Mama, I tooted on you.” I tried not to laugh, but she knew it was funny and so she said it again but louder and started laughing. Then she wouldn’t stop, so I put my hand over her mouth and she threw her head back b/c she didn’t like that and hit her head on the bench in front of us and started crying. I was feeling overwhelmed and annoyed b/c she did that for about 30 minutes of sacrament meeting. I felt bad b/c the Bishop’s wife, Sis. Jarnagin, was sitting behind us.

However, after sacrament meeting I was getting up to leave and let out a big and frustrated sigh and Sis. Jarnagin said to me, “Don’t give up. I remember when my kids were little and it was a big struggle just to come to church on Sundays. But don’t give up, it’s worth it.” I love Sis. Jarnagin so much and I almost started crying when she said that to me, b/c it was just what I needed to hear. Sometimes it is so hard to be at church as a single Mom b/c it just slaps me in the face at times that I’m alone and don’t have a husband there to help me. But today Sis. Jarnagin made all of that dissipate and made me realize it will all be ok.

IMG_2423 After church, Mom & Nate came over to my house for dinner and we watched the Green Bay/Arizona football game. I took a little nap during the game and also did 3 loads of laundry. Dad stopped by after work to say hi to Autumn. We got him to start the fire (for the first time since we’ve lived here) in our fireplace. It wasn’t very warm, but was cool to look at. I might use it if I am in the mood for s’mores some day. We spent the rest of the evening making a Funfetti cake and Autumn wanted to watch “Pride” (that’s what she calls Pride & Prejudice) again. She has great taste in movies. It was an incredibly lazy and relaxing weekend.

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