Friday, January 29, 2010

Magnetic Paper Dolls

Today at work, Liz & I went to lunch at Amigo’s.  I LOVE that place, b/c the food is so good and super cheap.  You get free chips and salsa and then I got two chipotle chicken enchiladas w/ beans and rice for only $4.99.  Gotta love it.

IMG_2308 After work/school, we came over to Mom & Dad’s b/c Dad called and said Mom had ordered pizza for dinner and they weren’t going to be able to eat it all.  (I secretly think he just wanted to see Autumn).  But, we were thankful for the yummy pizza.  We watched the 250th episode of What Not To Wear (I LOVE that show).  Then they were showing behind the scenes of the Miss America pageant that is going to be on tomorrow night.  Autumn wanted to get out her paper doll box that Mimi & Papa had bought her for her birthday.  Except, they’re not made out of paper like they used to be in the olden days.  They’re magnetic.  I have to admit that Autumn wasn’t the only one having fun dressing up the dolls.  Here’s a creation I came up with…duck slippers, a ballerina dress, a snorkel, and a cowboy hat.

IMG_2309I’m not sure if Autumn or Mom & I had more fun playing w/ this.  I would definitely recommend this as a great present to get a little girl for a birthday or Christmas.  Mom said she found it at Costco for $20!


Rachel said...

We have those same dolls! Except, ours look like they're a younger kind of doll ... the ones we have are still wearing diapers. I call them the Triplets and Jane knows just what I mean because, really, I can't call them paperdolls -- they're so much cooler than that! (I always play with them too.)

The Brown's said...

I love those dolls too! Everytime I click on your blog brecklynn says "that's autumn, we're the same age" Too funny. Hope you are well!