Saturday, January 23, 2010

Papa’s Ballerina Beauty

IMG_2684 This morning we relaxed and watched cartoons and I did some laundry and cleaned the house a little bit. Then we got cleaned up and went over to Mom & Dad’s house. Dad was outside doing some yard work, so Autumn went to help him and I vacuumed out the car b/c it was nasty. Autumn discovered some sidewalk chalk and wanted Papa to draw her a picture. Right after he finished drawing this, it started to rain and we had to put away the chalk. He took Autumn to drop off some tree limbs at the city dump and then they went and got Slurpee’s. I stayed at home and worked on my lesson for tomorrow.

IMG_2686 Dad had a burr in his butt to vacuum the vents in the house, b/c they were caked in dust and probably hadn’t been cleaned since they moved in 12 years ago. Autumn was being a good helper and holding the ladder for him.

IMG_2302Autumn went down for a nap, so I ran to the store to get a few things I need for my lesson tomorrow. This was the view when I came out of Target! Isn’t it breathtaking? I just HAD TO take a picture.

IMG_2723 I got home and Autumn woke up from her nap and somehow found her swimsuit I got her for her birthday. She insisted on putting it on and kept saying, “I bow-ah-weena.” I wasn’t going to let her wear it b/c it’s too cold, but Papa gave in and helped her put it on. Autumn loves her Papa b/c he spoils her rotten!


IMG_2690 She had SO MUCH FUN dancing around the house in her swimsuit. She was showing me how high she could jump and how fast she could spin around.

IMG_2719 Look at that form. Maybe I should look into putting her in dance classes.


IMG_2730Dad moved the ladder into the living room so he could clean the vents in there, and Autumn wanted to help hold the ladder and then wanted to climb on it, like Papa did. But, we convinced her to stay on the bottom two rungs.

IMG_2726 I love the juxtaposition of the girly pink swimsuit next to the manly orange Husky ladder. What a cutie pie! We watched 8 hours of Dirty Jobs today. We had it on in the background while we were cooking and cleaning. It’s a fascinating show.


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Those pictures of Autumn in her swimsuit are AWESOME!

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