Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Party At Petra’s

IMG_2298 Tonight we had our visiting teaching get together. We met at Petra’s (a Mexican restaurant). I have never been there before, but it was super good. The food was really fresh and there was no “shady” meat. I LOVE getting together w/ these ladies b/c we laugh and laugh and laugh. We all have such different personalities, but we all mesh together so well. I’m excited that Liz gets to join our group now.

I’m glad somebody suggested we try this restaurant, b/c the churros were OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD! They literally melted in your mouth and the caramel dipping sauce they came w/ was delectable. The only down side to these churros is that now Costco churros will never satisfy my churro cravings again.

Tonight when I got home, Autumn heard me talking to Mom and she woke up. I went in to say good night to her, and she just looked up at me w/ her dark eyes and said so softly and sweetly, “You home, Mama?” The tears just started welling up in my eyes when she said that to me (and they’re starting to form in my eyes again now as I type this). I just smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, “Yes, Autumn. Mama’s home.” Such a simple thing touched my soul so deeply. These are the moments that make being a Mother the best thing in the whole entire world.

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Holly said...

I was just reading the post about Autumn's 3rd birthday. I forgot that she and Duncan are only a week apart in age. I think they would be good friends if we lived close =)