Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Princess To Transformer

brainfreeze Today we just vegged out all day and I spent most of the day uploading pictures from my mission to my Facebook page.  Mom had to get some groceries for the Superbowl Party tomorrow and she brought us back a cranberry slush from Sonic.  Have you ever wondered what a brain freeze looks like…just look at Autumn’s face in these pictures as she takes a big long drink.  It cracks me up.


IMG_2869 Nate was going to carry her around on his shoulders for fun, but she didn’t like it and started crying.  We were signing, “There she is.  Miss America.”  She’s such a little princess and was watching X-Men II while sitting in her little recliner and eating pickles at the same time.

IMG_2872 Mom went grocery shopping to get stuff for our Superbowl Party tomorrow.  I was putting drinks in the back fridge and was throwing the boxes towards the kitchen so I could put them in the recycle box.  I looked up and saw that Autumn had somehow gotten her legs in the boxes and was walking around!

IMG_2875 When I got done w/ the other two boxes, I helped her put them on her arms.  I told her she looked like a Transformer, and she said, “I a nice one, Mama.”

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