Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surprises & Spoiled Rotten

IMG_2815 Tonight when we got home and checked the mailbox, there were two fun packages. The first package was the 8x8 photo book that I ordered from Creating Keepsakes. It looked phenomenal, and I was so happy w/ how it turned out.

IMG_2816 I loved using the program they have, b/c I could change the pages to be whatever I want and could add my own words. And all you have to do is drop and drag your pictures where you want them to go. Autumn LOVED looking at the book and kept “reading” it to me all night.


IMG_2825 The second surprise package was a Valentine’s Day package from Jason and Nicole. It had a nice card inside with some stickers, bows, and an adorable t-shirt for Autumn. That was very nice of them, and Autumn loved it all. She wanted me to put her shirt on right away and change her bow.

IMG_2829 “Happy Valentine’s Day. I Love You.”

IMG_2833 We went over to Mom & Dad’s house since we hadn’t been over to visit all week. Dad had gotten Mom this beautiful tropical plant. I loved the greens and yellows and reds in the plant. When we got to Mom & Dad’s, they weren’t home. They had gone to see a movie, so Autumn & I just took some pictures and watched TV until they got home.

IMG_2840 They brought home Papa John’s pizza for dinner…yum! We showed them our picture book and then Mom said she had a little surprise present for Autumn.


IMG_2844 It was this sweet pink and red cat outfit. It had a shirt, shorts, and pants that all matched. She LOVED it and kept meowing and saying, “I a cat, Mama.”

IMG_2847 After dinner, we just vegged out and watched some TV. Autumn wanted some lotion on her legs and feet, so she brought Papa the lotion and he put some on. Sometimes Autumn gets dry patches of skin, so we lovingly call her Lizard Lady and tell her we need to put some lotion on her so she can be Lotion Lady instead.

IMG_2851 After getting lotion on her, it was Mimi’s turn to get some lotion on her legs. Autumn kept wanting to put it on Mimi’s back and tummy like we do to Autumn, but Mimi said just her legs needed the lotion. It never ceases to amaze me how much Autumn absorbs and takes in everything around her.

IMG_2857 I found this cute $1 photo holder book at WalMart, and I put the free prints I got from in there. Autumn went and got it and was laying on the floor just chillaxin’ while flipping through the book. My favorite part of this picture is the fact that she has her legs crossed. What a kid!

IMG_2860 If this picture isn’t the epitome of spoiled, I don’t know what is. Dad got Autumn all snuggly and comfortable in her recliner and wrapped a blanket around her and then was giving her pistachio nuts he had shelled for her. She has no clue how good she has it and how spoiled and loved she is. I guess that’s the way childhood is supposed to be, though.


david santos said...

The Children are our future.
Have a nice weekend.

Hanah said...

Lisa what a GORGEOUS book!! I love it!! I will for sure be making one, tons if I could, haha :D She sure is darling, and you are a wonderful mother!! With that thank goodness for family that love us, and our children too! :D These are the kinds of stories the news should publish to help inspire the rest of society, instead of always the horrible tragic things. :)