Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mamarazzi Boot Camp

Lately I have been feeling a little blue. Not down in the dumps, but just a little frustrated. I LOVE looking at other people’s blogs. But at the same time, I get discouraged, b/c I see how creative and talented and wonderful these people are and it just highlights in my mind how un-talented I am. I look at all the great things these people do and create and wish I had just a fraction of their creativity. But then I have to remind myself that I am a single Mom and don’t get to be a stay at home Mom like most (but not all) of these women. I am in NO WAY saying being a stay at home Mom is an easy job and that all they get to do is sit around and create crafts. I think in a lot of ways, their job is a lot harder than anything else.

bootcampAnyways, I have decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself or being jealous of their talents, I’m going to quit complaining and do something about improving my own talents. I signed up for an all day photography class for the first Saturday in March. I am giddy w/ excitement about being able to learn more about something I love from Emily & Stephanie, who are both amazing photographers. I have been wanting to take a class for a long time now, but just haven’t done anything to move in that direction. Well, not anymore. And next on my list of self improvement is to take a class on how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements.

I also have to remind myself that everything happens in seasons. I have come to ACCEPT (which is my word for the year) that right now it is my season to enjoy being a working single Mom. And hopefully someday I will get to come into the season of life where I have a husband that makes enough money for me to stay at home and raise my children and have time to focus more on sewing and creating and photographing and cooking. But for now, I’ll just do what I can to keep improving and learning, and enjoy the season of life I’m in now.


gina said...

I so know how you feel about this! Sometimes I get so caught up in comparing myself to all the other bloggers and then start feeling so bad about myself. I start thinking I should just stop reading them in order to not feel so uninteresting and un-creative. have a daughter who will think the world of you no matter if you can sew, create, or photograph. Just being there for her is enough!

I'm so jealous that you're getting to take a cool class...I haven't even learned all about my camera yet {and I can't even afford a nice DSLR}.

Enjoy your class!

Jen said...

That's very exciting about the class! I think you are very talented and creative and you use the working thing as an excuse, miss Lisa. ;) When I do crafty things, it's such a tiny chunk of time, but that's the part that's interesting enough to share! While I am doing those things, you get to go out to eat with your friends and visit with family, which are things I never get to do. I think it's just a matter of being organized in your mind so that you can concentrate on making the effort to do the things you wish you did. I know you could do the crafty/creative stuff you wish you could do if you put your mind to it. Can't wait to hear how the class is!

Julie said...

Lisa, bag the class on photoshop elements. I found the BEST site for that. This gentlemen teaches a PSE class and all his lessons and exercises are on the website. You will love it. Have fun at the photography class.

Julie Montatue