Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do You Smell What I Smell?

IMG_2311 Today at work, we were sitting at our desks working when all of a sudden we started to smell something weird.  It smelled like gas an started to give us all a headache.  So, I told the bosses and they called the gas company b/c they could smell it to.  We opened all the doors in the office to air out the smell, and we were all FREEZING!  It was so strong at one point, that I went into the warehouse and got a gas mask that the techs use when they use certain pesticides in enclosed attics.  The gas men came and said there were ZERO traces of gas in the air!  We found out some techs had been working on a rig in the warehouse and had spilled some oil.  It’s funny, b/c just yesterday I went and bought a carbon monoxide detector at the store to use at the house b/c I’ve heard two stories of people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning and bad things happen in 3’s and I don’t want to be the third one to die!  It’s funny that I bought it for my house when really I could have used it at work today.

I kept trying to tell the bosses we should call the fire department instead of the gas company so that we could have big strong firemen come to the office and all the girls could pretend to faint and say we need CPR (wink wink…think of Squints Paladoras when he pretends to drown and gets to kiss Wendy Peffercorn on the movie Sandlot).

IMG_2312 Dad called to say he and Mom were picking Autumn up from daycare.  When I got over to their house after work, I found Dad & Autumn going around to the neighbor’s house and putting away their garbage cans b/c today was garbage day.

IMG_2314 Dad is such an amazing example of Christ-like love and service.  He does this for all our neighbors every week.  It’s just a small thing, but I’m sure it means a lot to them.  You can’t really tell very well in this picture (I was too far away and just had my point and shoot camera instead of my nice SLR camera), but Dad has Autumn sitting on top of the trash can and is pushing her up the driveway.

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