Friday, February 12, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

IMG_3014 We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. There was way more snow this morning than there was yesterday. I had to go out and measure, and there were 7 inches of snow!

IMG_3016 I’ve never seen the pool surrounded by snow like this. It was so gorgeous. Below are some cool shots I got of all the snow.




IMG_3030I especially loved these two picture. Here are the same hooks from yesterday where we hang our swimsuits during the summer. It was cool b/c they each had a little column of snow on them. The branches were so heavy w/ snow that they were bowed over. Isn’t it so pretty?

IMG_3042 You will probably have to click on this picture to make it bigger, but right in the middle of the picture is a red cardinal sitting on the fence by the bird feeder. We had about 15-20 birds flying around and eating the bird seed out of the feeder. That red cardinal was so pretty to see against the stark white snow.


IMG_3044 I was making calls to let all the office staff know we were going to go in at noon for a couple of hours to make sure routes were called for Monday, when Autumn came in all dressed in her snow gear and said, “I go play in snow, Mama.” She would pick up some snow and come over to throw it at me. She would get this cute little impish grin on her face right before she would throw it at me.

IMG_2316 I went and picked up Liz and we went into work until 2:30. We all got our routes called and answered messages. I came out to get in my car to leave and had a special surprise waiting for me. Jared (Stacey’s husband) had built a technician snowman on my car! How fun! That was just the beginning of the unique snowmen I would see today.


IMG_2321 This snowman was waiting for Liz when she got home. Liberty had to use a ladder to make it so tall. We couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a Valentine snowman or if it’s a morbid and bleeding heart? I vote for a Valentine snowman that started to melt b/c he has such a warm heart. Look at the awesome detail on the face. He used spray paint. This Hawaiian snowman was across the street from where I live. I know all the Northern and East State people are laughing at us Texans who go so crazy over snow. For y’all, it’s not a big deal. But this is the most snow we’ve had in 30 years, so everyone was outside sledding down the embankments of bridges and playing in the parks and making snowmen.

IMG_2322I checked the mail and there was a surprise Valentine Day package in there from Jonesy. It had a sweet note w/ some super yummy chocolates in a cute cellophane bag along w/ some heart shaped bath soap. It was so unexpected and greatly appreciated. It made me feel so loved and warm inside despite the cold and snowy weather.

I came back over to Mom & Dad’s where we spent the rest of the day staying warm. We watched Angels & Demons and then made some fried rice for dinner. Now we’re just relaxing and waiting for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics to begin.


Jobi Niu said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the snow! LOVED the snow (wo)men too.. haha I'm SO SICK OF THE SNOW, so it takes a lot for me to say that... hahha That was nice of Jonesy :] Miss ya Lis.. Love ya tons

kcwatson said...

I can't believe all the snow! We got ZERO snow here in Austin...and I am okay with that... but I just want a little bit for my kids to play in for one afternoon....and then it can melt!

Melzie said...

I got my endowments on V-day a long few yrs back, in Dallas. Mary & Jill and I stayed in a hotel just about 2-3 miles, if that, from the Temple. It took us almost an hour to get there. When we did- only 3 workers were there. Power was going out, and all sorts of craziness. Mary's parents couldn't get there forever- and by the time they did, enough people were there we could do everything.

Good memories...