Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn: Part 2

P1080507This morning when we got up to go home so we could change clothes, Autumn found a fun surprise when she went to put on her shoes.  Papa had left these treats in her shoes when he got home from work at midnight.  He’s the best Papa EVER!!!
 P1080509I have been looking forward to tonight for a long time.  I saw online a few weeks ago that there were 3 different types of movie tickets I could buy online for the final Twilight movie.  There were Marathon tickets that started at noon where you could watch ALL the Twilight movies.  Then there was the Double Header that started at 7:30 and showed the first 1/2 of Breaking Dawn.  Then there were just the normal tickets for the midnight showing.  We opted for the Double Header.  As soon as I got to Mom & Dad’s after picking up Autumn from daycare, I scarfed down some food and Melanie & Karri came and got me.  We were at the theater by 6:20 and thought we’d have to wait in line.  Nope, we got to walk right in and we found a row of seats in the middle of the middle!  It was awesome.  We sat and talked and waited for the movie to start at 7:30.

It was good to see the 1st half before seeing the second half.  We had about a 40 minute break and then they showed the second half.  I’m SO GLAD we didn’t have to wait until midnight.  The movie was awesome w/ a complete surprise/twist.  Everyone in the theater was yelling and talking at the screen.  It was kind of funny.  My favorite part was when Jacob took off his shirt & the Indian towards the end.  I love my big buff brown boys.  I am so glad I got to see it w/ this my great group of friends.

Mary dropped me off at Mom & Dad’s and I went to check my phone to make sure the alarm clock was set so I could get up in the morning, and I could not find my phone!  I either had it in my lap and lost it when I stood up or it was in the cup holder.  So, I called the theater to see if anyone had turned it in.  They said no one had yet, but to c/b in the morning once they had had a chance to clean the theater.  Usually I would be really upset and have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I had a feeling of peace & calm that my phone would be found.  But, I still had a hard time falling asleep even though it was 12:30 am b/c I drank a huge cup of Cherry Coke during the movie and had a caffeine buzz.

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