Friday, November 16, 2012

Project REAL Life ~ Week 3

PRL12wkWeek 3 ~ nurture relationships.

I skipped week 3 last week b/c I didn’t have all the pics printed off. Well, I still don’t! But, that’s OK. For the “Who Else” spot I am going to put a picture of my bosses. But, they are nearly impossible to get a picture of together b/c they’re rough & tough construction guys and getting a picture of them together would be like trying to pull teeth. So, I’m going to wait when we have our Christmas party at the beginning of December when they’re relaxed and get a pic of the 2 of them together then. In the meantime, I’m posting my spread “as is” and will go back and add the picture once I get it.

You & Them ~ These 9 10 (we’re missing Nate in the pic) people are such a HUGE part of my life.  I am so blessed to not just love my family b/c we’re family, but to truly like them.  We get along & get to see each other often.  I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent me to this incredible family!

Ordinary Task ~ One thing that Autumn & I do on a weekly basis is go to Walmart to pick up my pics for Project Life & also get some groceries.  It could be considered mundane but I love that time we get to spend together.  I also love that she’ll still hold my hand while we walk.

Those Who Helped Mold You ~ The reason I’m so blessed is b/c of Mom & Dad.  Their example of a good marriage gives me something to look forward to.  Dad has taught me the value of hard work.  Mom has taught me how to love & serve.  They are such amazing parents & I love them so much.

Family Time ~ One of the main ways we spend time together as a family is to gather around the table to eat.  Whether that’s outside for a shrimp boil or inside for Sunday dinner.  It gives us a chance to sit together & talk about our days & what’s going on.  We love being together!

Love Language ~ One of the ways that Autumn expresses her love is to draw pictures & color them & make art.  I love that she likes to share her talents.  One of my love languages is affection.  We’re a “touchy-feely” family & we like to hug & say we love each other.

Who Else? ~ The people outside of my family & friends that have a positive impact on my every day are my bosses T & R.  They are great men to work for & I am thankful that they give me a good & safe place to work.  I am grateful for their faith & trust in me to do so much.

Caught In The Act ~ Autumn is so good about helping around the house.  She likes to surprise me by making my bed.  It’s not the way I would do it w/ the yellow sheet hanging below the comforter where you can see it.  But, I love her effort & the thought behind it, which makes it perfect to me!


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