Friday, November 9, 2012

Papa The Veteran

IMG_0530 Today at Autumn’s school they had a special Veteran’s Day program.  They had sent out an email last month asking if there were any Veterans that would be willing to come to the school.  I asked Dad if he could go and he said he’d love to.  So, this morning he went over to a special assembly at her school at 8:00 am.  Mom sent me this text on the way to work. I called her and BEGGED her to go to the school and take pictures for me since I couldn’t be there.  She did (b/c she’s AMAZING like that) and said the program was really nice and there were about 30 other Veterans there, but Dad & 1 other guy were the only ones that were in military clothes.

IMG_0531 After the assembly, the kids all went back to their classrooms and the school had a nice breakfast for the Veterans.  Then they had the Veterans go into a classroom to talk w/ the kids.  I had asked that Dad be able to go talk to Autumn’s class.  Mom sent me this picture while I was at work, and even though it’s grainy and a little blurry I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I love that Dad is there and talking to the kids.  I love that Autumn is beaming w/ pride & joy.  I love that they are both holding Nate’s military picture.

IMG_0532Here’s Autumn w/ her Papa & classmates.  Mom said that Autumn’s teacher had Dad read the kids a story about the Statue Of Liberty & that Dad was SO CUTE w/ the kids.  I am thankful beyond what words can express for my parents who are so involved in Autumn’s life and step up and are there when I can’t be.  I am thankful beyond what words can express for Veterans everywhere and what they have sacrificed for our liberties and freedoms.

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