Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pictures & Posters


IMG_7444 This morning we got up, and spent the morning getting pictures of Autumn w/ Splash.  Each week a student is picked as student of the week and they get to bring this cute stuffed animal home and they take pictures w/ him and then make a page to put in the binder.  So, we took pics of Splash helping Autumn do the dishes, riding in a Barbie car, sleeping, and helping Autumn work on her poster.

P1080378 Once we were done w/ that, we got cleaned up and went over to the McDonald’s parking lot to use their free wifi.  We don’t have internet at home and I needed to print Autumn’s Splash pictures at WalMart.  It took FOREVER to just upload 13 pictures.  UGH!  Once those were finally done, we ran through the drive through to get a hamburger since it was lunch time and we were hungry.

While we waited for the pictures to be printed, we went over to Liz & Liberty’s to drop off Jacob’s belated birthday gifts that we’ve had in the back of the car for a week.  It was fun to sit and visit w/ them.  We ran a few more errands so I could find a used Kinect to get Autumn & I for Christmas.

P1080380 After that, we went to WalMart to get Autumn’s pictures and a few other things we needed.  I had mentioned to Mom a few days ago how I need some soft padded bath mats (like she has) to go in front of my shower and tub.  I’ve just been using a hand towel and it can slip and slide around on the floor too much.  Well, wouldn’t you know as Autumn & I were shopping I saw some on an end cap and they were on sale for 1/2 off!  Plus, the big ones were the same price as the small ones.  I LOVE it when what I need is on sale.  So, we grabbed 2 big ones and put them in the cart so Autumn could sit back and relax and shop in comfort.

P1080383 We came home and put our groceries away and then went over to Mom & Dad’s house to eat dinner.  We also worked on putting Autumn’s pages & poster together.  This is how her Splash pages turned out.

P1080384 This is her big poster that she gets to share w/ her class on Monday.  It’s supposed to be things about her and I think we got a good sampling of my little love bug.  She helped me pick out most of the pictures and she did a great job.  I put the pictures & washi tape on the poster and then she wrote the words as I told her which letters to write.

P1080385Papa got home from a meeting and was working on putting some blinds up.  They were up high above the front door, so he had the big beasty ladder set up.  I’m just glad he didn’t have to ghetto-fy it like last time.  Autumn said she wanted to try climbing the ladder.  It took some coaxing for her to go up higher than a few rungs, but when Papa told her that she could be taller than him, she was all for that.

We ended up spending the night b/c it was late by this time and Autumn was tired.  I went and laid down w/ her and she was out in a few minutes.  Mom & I watched some recorded TV shows we had on DVR.  It was a good & productive Saturday.

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