Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Treat Tuesday

P1080497 Mom made these ADORABLE treats for Pack Meeting tonight.  However, after she spent all day making them she got an email saying Pack Meeting had been cancelled!  She was NOT HAPPY!  But, at least we got to see these cute treats.

P1080502 I love these Nutter Butter acorns.

P1080500 And how cute are these pilgrim hats?

P1080504 As soon as we were done w/ dinner, Autumn said she wanted to snuggle w/ Mimi and went and sat on the couch and fell fast asleep w/in 5 minutes.  She was snoring so loudly that we had to turn up the TV to hear it.  We didn’t pose her like this either.  There are lots of things I love about this picture other than the obvious of Autumn sleeping.  I love that you can see the quilts Mom has made that we use all the time.  I love that you can see how Mom keeps magazines, a pair of scissors, & the phone next to the spot she always sits.  A slice of real life.

P1080506Sis. Wright was here and was upstairs quilting most of the evening/night.  She quilted this gorgeous “Sea Glass” quilt.  I had to wake Autumn up so we could stop by Sis. Lee’s and pick up the stuff to make dessert for Young Women In Excellence tomorrow.  We got home and she went right back to bed and I made the dessert and watched some TV and then went to bed also.

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