Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life Tuesday ~ Week 43

IMG_7460 This was a big week with my 33rd Birthday, some pre-Halloween fun, plus some usual every day stuff.

Monday ~ Tonight for dinner, Autumn & I were invited over to Ben’s house.  He & Autumn are in the same class.  We had dinner and then got some treats together to take around to a few families from church.  We would sneak up to the door super quietly, put the treats on the doorstep w/ the note that they had been “Booed” and then we rang the doorbell and ran.  It was SO FUN and the kids were having a blast!

Tuesday ~ Today was the first live chat that Becky did for Project Real Life.  To document that, I put the 4x6 info card that came w/ the PRL cards along w/ the 4x3 card in the journaling spot.  My journaling about the live chat is on a card behind that.  It was awesome!

Wednesday ~ For my 33rd Birthday today I went to work, and then Mom & Aunt Jeri came and took me to lunch.  In the evening I went to Young Women’s & then Liz & I went out for ice cream and we sat and talked for 2 hours.  We didn’t have my birthday dinner tonight b/c I had YW & Mom had Scouts.  So, we had my birthday dinner on Thursday.  I went ahead and included 2 pics of that (the bottom 2 of the collage) today.  It was a great meal and I got some great gifts.  I also included an insert w/ some cards (see below).

Thursday ~ This afternoon at work we went to a city about 1 1/2 away where we went on a tour of a cabinet making factory.  It was really interesting, but the place is HUGE and it took us 2 hours.  I had to leave early so I could get home for my birthday dinner.

Friday ~ This morning we were in a rush to get out the door and off to work/school.  I was throwing the garbage sack away in the trash can and my keys got caught on the garbage sack handle and went into the can too!  So, I had to tip the can on its side & have Autumn get them for me.  She’s such a good helper!

Saturday ~ I went and got my nails done this morning & then Sis. Lee came over so we could discuss our Young Women.  We talked for 2 hours and then Autumn & I ran some errands.  Tonight we went over to Bobbie’s house (a lady from work) that invited us over for a Halloween party.  She went ALL OUT and had good food, incredible decorations and even cute crafts for the kids.  Autumn LOVED it!

Sunday ~ Today at church it was the Primary Program so Autumn wore her pretty white dress and I did her hair pretty to match.  Mom & Aunt Jeri were so sweet to come to our ward so they could see Autumn do her part.  Autumn did awesome and knew all the words to the songs and looked like an angel.

IMG_7463 The green card is from the Young Women at church & the white card is from Grandma Ruth.  I put them both in an 8.5x11 plastic sheet.  I LOVE the card from Rufio b/c it has her handwriting on it.  I had a great birthday.

Here is the link for my Project REAL Life Week 4 spread in case you wanted to see it.

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Cerise said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a really great week.