Saturday, January 4, 2014

Temple, Errands, & Expedit For Project Life

IMG_2177 Mom came & picked me up this morning at 6:30 am & she even brought me one of her delicious homemade breakfast sandwiches.  We made it to the temple in time for the 7:30 session.  This picture is grainy b/c I took it w/ my iPhone & it wasn’t bright enough yet.  It was so neat to be in the temple w/ her.  I noticed that the date today is January 4th, and that’s exactly 12 years to the day that I went through the temple for the first time!  What a neat “coincidence.”

IMG_2180 Mom dropped me off at home, and Autumn & I were going to go over to Mom & Dad’s, but Autumn was being a stinker.  So, we stayed home and did some chores first so that she could earn points to go over to Papa & Mimi’s.  We put away 2 baskets of her clean clothes, & she vacuumed her room & then offered to do mine.  Nick & I took down the Christmas tree & got all of the Christmas stuff put back up in the attic.  It felt to get all of that done.  We even took a big box & a big garbage sack full of stuff to donate to the local thrift store.  By this time it was 1:00 & Autumn hadn’t eaten breakfast.  So, we stopped at Subway to share a sandwich & use our $25 gift card that I got at the Polar Bear Pool Dip.

IMG_2187 We went to Bath & Body Works to take advantage of their semi-annual sale.  I stocked up on wallflower plugs & soaps, plus I had a $10 off $30 coupon.  Since Autumn was so good while we ran a few different errands, she earned enough points to go play at the IKEA play area while I went shopping.  I went upstairs and plopped myself down in this living room set up they had, and I put together my Project Life planner.  It was actually really fun & relaxing.


After 30 minutes of sitting & relaxing, I finally went & got the part # for the Expedit shelving unit I was there to get.  I’ve been wanting one for over a year, and have looked on Craigslist a lot.  But, they were always too far away or were sold & people didn’t take the listing off once it was sold (UGH).  So, I finally broke down & bought one.  I didn’t realize how long the boxes were and that there are FOUR of them!!!  It was quite the scene, I’m sure, for people to see me trying to wheel my cart around to go get Autumn out of the play area.  Then, we had to wheel it out of the store & to the very far back parking lot b/c the place was a zoo that day.  Then, I had to figure out how to get those 4 huge boxes into my little SUV.  I had to lay down the back seats & wedge the boxes between the driver’s & passenger seat.  This box was basically sitting on my shoulder the whole ride home, which made for some interesting driving.  But, we did it!  I felt like singing out, “I am woman, hear me roar!”  Autumn loved it (although she doesn’t look like it in this pic) b/c she got to sit in the front seat for the first time.

IMG_2196 We dropped the boxes off at home and then went over to Mom & Dad’s so Autumn could play w/ Andrew & Jackson before they go home tomorrow.  When we got home at 8:00, I put Autumn to bed & got busy putting this beast together.  I thought I could do it on my own, b/c I used to put shelves & cribs & stuff together when I was married to Jason.  But, I had underestimated how big it was.  I was SO GLAD Nick was there to help me.


We started at 9:00 pm & didn’t get done until 11:00.  We were both so tired from being up late the night before, but he was so nice & help me bring all my Project Life stuff in & put it on the shelves.  I can’t even tell you how much this sight makes me happy inside.  The top row are completed albums, the 3 white kits at the top are ones Becky signed, the 2nd row is where all of my old albums from childhood will go that I still need to put in PL albums once I get them from Mom & Dad’s house.  The 3rd row are binders that have Project Life core kits in them to use in future years, so I’m set through 2023!!!  Then on the bottom are all the empty Core Kit boxes.  I’ll probably throw those out once I need the room for completed albums.  But for now, they’re staying.

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