Friday, May 9, 2014

Doughnuts, The Goat With The Duct Taped Broken Leg, and Facials

IMG_3338 This morning I woke up thinking about how Dad used to bring us doughnuts on Friday morning’s after he got done teaching seminary.  We haven’t had any in a while b/c he didn’t teach seminary this year, so Autumn & I got ready fast enough that we had time to go to the best doughnut shop in town & get a doughnut.  She got her favorite which is an éclair and I got an old fashioned cake doughnut.  I also got a dozen of their delicious regular glazed ones to take into work to share w/ everyone.

IMG_3345 When we got to Mom & Dad’s house tonight, Dad & Nate & Riannon were all leaving to go over to Curt’s house, so Autumn & I tagged along.  One of his goats was had cut her leg & was limping around.  Dad checked it out and said it felt broken.  Poor thing!

IMG_3353 So, Dad ran home & got some medical supplies and came back and cleaned out the wound, gave the goat some antibiotics & splinted the leg.

IMG_3356 Then he had Curt duct tape the splint & dressing so it wouldn’t get dirty or wet, and so the goat wouldn’t try and chew it off.  The poor goat was bellowing & crying so loud (which is why Autumn has her ears covered).

IMG_3365Nate carried the goat over to the pen & it tried walking around a little bit.  This looks so ghetto, but at least the goat can get around.  We called Curt before going to bed tonight & he said the goat was doing fine.

IMG_3377 Autumn wanted to spend the night, so after I got her to sleep Nate decided he wanted to have a “spa night” and give us all face masks.  This stuff is super gooey and shiny.  Dad looked like he had just poured oil all over his face.

IMG_3378 This picture cracks me up b/c of the intense look of concentration on Nate’s face.

IMG_3380 The family that “masks” together, stays together.

IMG_3383 When the masks had finally dried, we had fun peeling them off.  I said Mom looks like she was attacked by Spider-Man!

IMG_3387We also had to do nose strips to get all the gross stuff off our noses.  I love ripping those off and seeing all the nasty stuff it took with it.  It was a random & fun Friday night!

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